Paul Bloem

Research Intern
NASA Ames Research Center
Mountain View, CA
Summer 2011

My formal project description:

This research will investigate methods for accelerating computations necessary for Traffic Flow Management optimization problems. Specifically, some optimization solvers operate in parallel. There is a need to have these parallel algorithms run not only on a single machine, but on a cluster of machines. The intern will work closely with the NASA host to develop a method for running optimization software on a computing cluster.
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CodeAround: EECS 485 Project
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Spring 2011

Designed and built, from scratch, a collaborative coding website. The site allows a group of users to view code together over the web while one user, the driver, edits the file. Other users, the viewers, see updates in real time and have the ability to highlight lines of code to indicate mistakes and make notes.

  • Site built using the LAMP stack
  • User, Project, File, and Permissions management
  • Live chat between all users currently viewing the same project
  • Automatically updated file tree
  • Live updating of edits made by driver in viewer windows
  • Multiple files open at once in tabs
  • Code highlighting performed using the CodeMirror JavaScript library
  • Creation/Deletion of files and folders
  • Download code files
  • Flagging of individual lines of code with notes
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IT Assistant
Calvin Theological Seminary
Grand Rapids, MI
Summer 2010 - Fall 2010
  • Updated website vehicle registration functionality and interface
    • C# back end connecting to student information database
    • PHP pages to retrieve and manipulate data
    • JavasScript/JQuery used to create a smooth, intuitive, enjoyable interface
  • Performed updates on student billing system
    • Used API and custom SQL statements to retrieve and manipulate billing data
    • Implemented complex billing specifications in code
  • Performed general IT functions. (Wireless setup for students, etc.)
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IT Intern
Steelcase Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI
Summer 2008 - Spring 2010
  • Developed Websites/Web Applications in ASP.NET using C#
  • Conducted LEED/Sustainability Reporting analysis
  • Updated license tracking software
  • Implemented a custom visual front end for Industrial Design team SharePoint site
    • Converted a list of folders into a convenient tool for presenting development projects
    • Used custom JavaScript to replace list with a simple, intuitive, interactive interface
    • Implemented dynamically, so Industrial Designers would not have to touch JavaScript/HTML
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Senior Design Project
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI
Fall 2009 - Spring 2010
  • Worked on team "Go Go Gadget Green"
  • Led a team in designing and prototyping a fully adjustable, computer controlled putting green capable of creating custom contours on demand
  • Designed and implemented a complete PC user interface
    • Application created using C#
    • XML storage of both contour and player statistics data
    • Included rudimentary wireframe modeling of chosen contour
  • Designed and implemented a complete electrical control system
    • Used 5 PC power supplies to provide 12V at 2A to twenty-eight car window motors attached to used car jacks
    • Built H-bridge current controllers
    • Wrote custom Arduino code to receive data from PC and control the H-bridge power circuits using 5V
    • Implemented electronic safety mechanisms to prevent motors from attempting to overrun car jack threads
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Weekend Technical Support
FreedomNet Solutions
Grand Rapids, MI
Spring 2008 - Summer 2008
  • Took technical support calls and worked to resolve internet connectivity issues
  • Used Canopy to determine antenna status
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IT Intern
City of Kentwood
Grand Rapids, MI
Summer 2006 - Spring 2008
  • Set up and managed data backups and coordinated tape delivery with Iron Mountain Records
  • Contacted technical support (Symantec, Dell) to resolve software and hardware issues
  • Performed regular updates and maintenance on PCs used in City Hall, Fire Stations, Police Station, Courthouse, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation Department
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Legacy Christian Middle School
Grand Rapids, MI
Fall 2003 - Spring 2005

Yard Barbers
Grand Rapids, MI
Spring 2006
  • Mowed lawns, raked leaves, weeded, spreaded mulch, and performed general lawn care tasks
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Grand Rapids Press
Grand Rapids, MI
Summer 1999 - Spring 2006