Course info for Math 631 (Algebraic Geometry I) is available here.

We will be following Ravi Vakil's notes Foundations of Algebraic Geometry.

This class will be fully online. Lectures will happen via Zoom at the scheduled time for this class (TR 11:30am-1pm), and I will have virtual office hours (currently M 11am-12pm, W 2:30pm-3:30pm, F 4pm-5pm) on Zoom as well. Lecture recordings will be available for when people are unable to join the lectures at the scheduled time for some reason.

I will be using the Canvas website for this class (link) for virtual logistics (links to Zoom sessions, announcements). The page that you are currently reading will continue to be the home for math-related content (syllabus, links to references, problem sets, etc).

Weekly problem sets will be posted here on Thursday afternoons and will be due on the following Thursday by e-mail (my address is in the course info link above) - please have the subject line be "631 - Problem Set N".

Problem Set 1 (ungraded)

Problem Set 2 (due Thursday, September 24)

Problem Set 3 (due Thursday, October 1)

Problem Set 4 (due Thursday, October 8)

Problem Set 5 (due Thursday, October 15)

Problem Set 6 (due Thursday, October 22)

Problem Set 7 (due Thursday, October 29)

Oct 20-22: more with affine morphisms (7.3.5-7.3.11), closed embeddings (8.1)

Oct 25-27: Projective schemes (4.5, 6.4, 8.2)

Lecture notes: 0901, 0903, 0908, 0910, 0915, 0917, 0922, 0924, 0929, 1001, 1006, 1008, 1013, 1015, 1020, 1022