Resources on Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Anthropology


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Basic resources

Additional resources

See also pages on language contact, language and gender, dialectology and African American English


Basic resources

LSA page

Sociolinguistics pages from the University of Oregon

Notes for a course on dialectology and sociolinguistics taught by Harold Schiffman at the University of Pennsylvania

A course website for a course called The American Languages taught by Robin Lakoff at UC Berkeley. The resources page includes numerous essays and newspaper articles related to sociolinguistics in addition to overheads from lectures


Additional resources

Ethnomethodology and conversation analysis homepage 

Sociolinguistic links from Peter Patrick at the University of Essex

Social Significance Of Patterns Of Questioning In Classroom Discourse a short essay by Sarah Hickman on the impact of discourse structure in education

Bibliographies on language attitudes from Harold Schiffman

Language, Society and Culture an on-line journal edited at the University of Tasmania

Language and the New Capitalism – an archive of articles, especially in Critical Discourse Analysis 

Emanuel Schegloff’s homepage- links to his publications and sound files that accompany his publications on conversation analysis 

Linguistic anthropology resources – from Brown University 

Symposia from includes a variety of papers on sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropolgoy

Denis Baron’s homepage – includes essays on sociolinguistics topics and language and gender