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Basic resources on phonology

Additional phonology resources

Fun phonology links


Basic resources on phonology

Stephen Anderson’s entry on Phonology for the Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences,Elsevier Science Ltd. 2002

Sounds of the World’s Languages – An on-line version of Peter Ladfoged’s collection – hear all of the sounds in the International Phonetic Alphabet

Interactive Sagital section

On-line course in phonology from Stirling University

Course webpage for John O’hala’s Introductory course on phonetics and phonology at the University of California, Berkeley

Fred Cummin’s introductory course in phonetics and phonology from Northwestern University

Homepage for Jill Beckman’s courses, Introduction to Phonology and Phonological Analysis


Additional phonology resources

Rutgers Optimality Archive – for advanced papers in phonology

Introduction to OT - a slide presentation

CogPrints articles on phonology

HyperLex a web search engine for quantitative phonological work

English Intonation in the British Isles – the IViE corpus speech data from seven dialects of British English

Metathesis database from Ohio State University

Government Phonology

Article on Tonology of Bamileke

Dani Byrd’s phonetics and phonology links

A small set of phonetics and phonology links

Optimality Theory Software from Bruce Hayes


Fun phonology links

Reflections on OT (includes an analysis on why “tableau” is more optimal than “table”)

Animal sounds in the world’s languages

How to say “ouch” in different languages (yes, it varies) – contains sound files recording pain suffered by speakers of different languages

The Magic Letter Page - Phonosemantics and an extreme view of sound symbolism – outlines the meaning of different phonemes and sound combinations in English, also has links on synaesthesia

If you’re interested in sound symbolism or synaesthesia there are on-line papers posted by the Linguistic Iconism Association

The Edo use a chromatographic writing system in which particular sounds are represented by different colors. Check it out at African Writing Systems from Ayele Bekerie at Cornell University

International Collection of Tongue Twisterstongue twisters from different languages