Phonetics and Speech Recognition Resources


Basic resources on phonetics

Resources on speech perception

Additional phonetics resource

Sets of phonetics links

Research projects, demos and multimedia resources

Fun phonetics links


Basic resources on phonetics

Interactive Sagital section

Sounds of the World’s Languages – An on-line version of Peter Ladfoged’s collection – hear all of the sounds in the International Phonetic Alphabet

Speech Internet Dictionary – a technical dictionary of phonetics, phonology and speech science

Consonants of American English and Vowels of American English for practicing the phonetic alphabet – click a symbol and hear the sound


Resources on speech perception

Infant Speech Perception

Explore a variety of speech perception effects

Sine-wave synthesis

A set of links related to speech perception

Categorical perception

The McGurk effect

The McGurk effect requires QuickTime

Categorical perception experiment


Additional phonetics resources

Course webpage for John O’hala’s Introductory course on phonetics and phonology at the University of California, Berkeley

On-line course in phonetics from the University of Lausanne

Resources for John Coleman’s phonetics course at Oxford University

Tutorial on the basics of speech analysis

Fred Cummin’s introductory course in phonetics and phonology from Northwestern University

Resources for a course in phonetics at the University of Manitoba

How the brain hears language – from

The physics of speech – from the Unversity of New South Wales

Forensic phonetics - an outline of the forensic uses of phonetics

Information on how to read spectrograms

Tutorial on aspiration of plosives (stops) and VOT

CogPrints articles on phonology

Cambridge University: Speech Analysis by Tony Robinson

University of Essex: Experimental Phonology and Phonetics text by Kate Morton


Sets of phonetics links

A small set of phonetics and phonology links

Speech on the web - links related to phonetics and speech science

Links related to speech research

List of phonetics URLs from LINGUIST LIST

Phonetics links – a wide variety of links in English and French\

Linguistics and phonetics worldwide


Research Projects and phonetics demonstrations and multimedia resources

UCLA phonetics lab

UCLA demonstrations and illustrations- includes animations of speech production

Research projects from Haskins Laboratories 

A list of sites with demonstrations of speech synthesis and speech recognition

X-ray database for speech research – includes X-ray videos of speech production

A collection of links to brain and vocal tract imaging projects, image and videos

Bell Labs text-to-speech projects includes demos




Why does your voice sound funny after you inhale helium from a balloon?

weird sounds from ASA, etc

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut – “Wants pawn term, dare worsted ladle gull hoe lift wetter murder inner ladle cordage, honor itch offer lodge, dock, florist.” demonstrates the importance of context for word recognition…

Throat singers of Tuva from Scientific American