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Basic Resources

Resources on morphological theory

Additional resources on morphology

Computational linguistics and morphology

Fun morphology links


Basic Resources

Michael Barlow’s morphology problems – a Hypercard stack to practice morphology problems

Essays on morphology by Byron Bender – includes practice morphology problems


Morphological Theory

Distributed Morphology homepage

Lexeme-Morpheme Based Morphology homepage

Word grammar – from Richard Hudson

Autolexical grammar


Other research resources

Clitics by Stephen Anderson and Arnold Zwicky

Comparative Slavic Morphosyntax – an archive of papers on Slavic languages

Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative – a syntactic database project of Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic

The British National Corpus – give them a word or phrase and see all the times a word occurs in this language corpus

List of e-print articles on morphology available through CogNet


Computational Morphology

Automorphology – a program for performing morphological analysis

WordNet –an English lexical database from Princeton University

EuroWord Net - Based on WordNet, this is a multilingual lexical database 

FrameNet – another lexical database from the Unviersity of California at Berkeley

Multilingual Verb Conjugator – Conjugate verbs in 36 different languages 

Verbix – This program conjugates verbs in over 80 languages

Word Frequency Indexer from Georgetown University – tells you how often different words occur in a text


Fun Morphology Links

Presidential Syntax and Morphology – keeping track of the president’s speech errors

What Is the World’s Longest Place Name? from

World-Wide Words – A British site about words includes an index of “weird” words

Logophilia – “The Word Spy” a site to keep track of new words in English

A list of English homophones

Antagonyms – words that can have opposing meanings

On-line Acronym dictionary

A collection of word oddities and word trivia

English Idioms and Slang

Soup and Sandwich related place names in the United States courtesy of Kraft Foods (Michigan examples include Cheese Lake and Pickle Pond)

The origins of some Michigan place names

15th century collective nouns – Things like “a harem of mules”

More collective nouns and even more (from ojo – see also his list of phobias)

The Word Detective – Articles on the history of specific English words by Evan Morris. He also answers word-related questions…