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Starting out – some basic resources on linguistics

Homepages of various introduction to linguistics courses

Careers in linguistics

Dictionaries and glossaries of linguistics terminology

Sites with links to a variety of linguistics pages

Additional sites with linguistics resources

Resources for linguists (fonts, software, etc)

Fun linguistics links



 Starting out…

What is linguistics?

Why study linguistics?

LANGUAGE by Edward Sapir – on-line version

Alliance for lifelong learning Linguistics pages – a great resource for information on a variety of linguistics topics


 and another faq from John Lawler

LSA linguistics faq – and fields of linguistics

Language miniatures – short articles on topics related to language

Basic overview of linguistics (14 slides)



Introduction to Linguistics classes

Bryan Bender at the University of Hawaii

Lawler’s 210 site from the spring

Doris Payne’s Introduction to Linguistic Analysis course at the University of Oregon (includes some practice excercises)

Interactive Multimedia Linguistics for Beginners from Kassel University

The Digital Polyglot – a multimedia introductory linguistics textbook and workbook designed for a Foundations of Language course at Emory University. extensive examples from Russian, Bemba, and Samoan

Alan Dench at the University of Western Australia – extensive site with lecture notes and exercises

Spike Gildea’s course at the University of Oregon – includes selected lecture notes

Megan Crowhurst at the University of Texas at Austin – Linguistics 306

Michael Barlow’s Introduction to Language Course at Rice University

Resources for students of introductory linguistics from Mary Taffet at Syracuse University

 A self-quiz on various topics in linguistics created by Yoshiteru.Asano for a course taught by Zygmunt.Frajzyngier at University of Colorado at Boulder

Arizona Classes Introduction to linguistics and Introduction to language

Introduction to English linguistics with tutorials and practice exams taught by Anne Schröder at Chemnitz University in Germany

Intro course with handouts by Johanna Rubba at Cal Poly State University also coursepages on particular topics like the history of English and language and gender

Real World Linguistics 101: Index an on-line course by Suzette Haden Elgin, particularly for those interested in linguistics and science fiction

Introduction to Synchronic Linguistics Course taught by Marcus Egg, Universität des Saarlandes

Linguistic Theory: Foundations and Modern Development by Gary Blahnik at the Union Institute

Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics by Louanna Furbee at the University of Missouri

An introductory course in computational linguistics taught by Kathryn B. Taylor  at Georgetown University in 1995



Careers in linguistics


Two prominent linguists talk about their careers as linguists:


Naomi Chase interviews Noam Chomsky -How I got into linguistics

How I got into linguistics and what I got out of it by William Labov


What to do with a linguistics major:


Resources for Linguistics Majors – an outline of potential careers and a list of skills that linguistics majors usually have – from the University of Texas 

Here’s a statistical profile of the careers tracks of linguistics majors from the University of California, Berkeley class of 2000 (including their current fields of employment, salaries, etc)

What can I do with my studies in linguistics? from the University of Ottawa

What is linguistics good for? from UWM

Career opportunities in linguistics listed by UMass Amherst

Linguistics Careers from the Wall Street Journal – an article on the growing importance of linguistics majors in the computer industry

Career view on linguistics a fairly extensive site from Victoria University of Wellington in Australia

What can I do with a linguistics degree? from Göteburg University in Sweden

Potential Careers from Concordia University(Montreal)

Career Opportunities for Lingusitics Majors from Rutgers University

What can I do with a lingusitics major after graduation? from the University of Iowa


Job resources:


Linguistic Enterprises – a site specifically about non-academic careers for linguists. Contains lots of advice and information, as well as a set of job listings (although the LINGUIST list job listings may be more extensive)

LINGUIST List Job listings – The primary source for listings of jobs specifically for linguists



Dictionaries and glossaries of linguistics terminology


Lexicon of Linguistics – a linguistics technical dictionary

A dictionary of lingusitics terms from Kickapoo High School in Springfield MO

MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science only includes abstracts (not full-length articles) but they provide basic information and cover a wide range of topics in linguistics and cognitive science and includes links to additional resources


Sites with links to a variety of resources related to linguistics


John Lawler’s Linguistics Links

Robin Queen’s linguistics links

Yahoo directory on linguistics and human languages

Links for linguists from the University of Texas at Austin

Linguistics meta-index from Christopher Manning

Linguistics resources list from the University of Essex

University of Rochester’s linguistics links

Julia Simon’s linguistics and languages links

Linguistic resources from the Stanford University Library

Language and linguistics links from Big Chalk homework help

Linguistics Links from the University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Linguistics Resources from St. John’s University Library

Some Linguistics Links

Linguistics links from Katrin Voight at Chemnitz Technical University



General linguistics resources


The English Language Institute here at UM They also have a good library with lots of linguistics sources

LINGUIST List links to webpages from various linguistics courses and their links pages for information on areas of linguistics or particular languages

Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania a site for sharing linguistic and language-related data and resources

About language and speech – Introductory pages about language, including phonology, phonetics, language acquisition and computational linguistics.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics (CLL) – a project of the Center for Applied Linguistics - resources and articles on a variety of topics related to sociolinguistics

Linguistic Discovery – an on-line journal from Dartmouth emphasizing research on endangered languages

Marges linguistiques – an on-line journal on linguistics in French and English

On-line works related to Languages and Linguistics from E-server at the University of Washington


Resources for linguists

Yamada Font Archive at the University of Oregon– Fonts for writing in a wide variety of languages includes a list of links to other font archives

Lists of linguistics computer and software resources

Linguists Software – a commercial site that sells fonts for 660 different languages

Linguistic Annotation resources on annotating language data

LSA Video archive

Linguistics Journals and Newsletters on the Web

Linguistics mailing lists – archives and how to join linguistics-oriented mailing lists 



Fun links related to general linguisitics

Fun Linguistics Links page

Linguistic Olympics – from the University of Oregon a colleciton of fun puzzles related to linguistics designed for high schoolers