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Fun with English

How to say ridiculous things in hundreds of languages

Your name in whatever

Linguist Humor

Fun Chomsky Resources

Fun with language bots

On the edge – taking linguistics to a higher realm

Other fun linguistics links

See also, Artificial and Constructed Languages page


Fun with English


Soup and Sandwich related place names in the United States courtesy of Kraft Foods (Michigan examples include Cheese Lake and Pickle Pond)

The origins of some Michigan place names

15th century collective nouns – Things like “a harem of mules”

More collective nouns and even more (from ojo – see also his list of phobias)

Tom Swifties "I can't believe I ate that whole pineapple!" Tom said, dolefully.

The Cliché Finder – A searchable database to help find just the right cliché

Collabo-Write A ThinkQuest site on collaborative writing 

The World’s First Collaborative Sentence – go ahead, add to it…

The Word Detective – Articles on the history of specific English words by Evan Morris. He also answers word-related questions…

Logophilia – “The Word Spy” a site to keep track of new words in English

Some English Language Trivia

Gameroom at

Linguistic Phenomena/Devices – names for less commonly-known language phenomena and rhetorical devices

The Underground Grammarian

A collection of word oddities and word trivia

Verbivore organizations – a list of organizations for the “unrepentant verbivore”



How to say ridiculous things in hundreds of languages

I can eat glass project -“I can eat glass, it doesn’t hurt me” The original multiple translations of a stupid phrase site

Animal sounds in the world’s languages

“Work It!” – How to conjugate the verb “to work” in several different languages 

Just “COW” – How to say “cow” in 539 different languages

Jaberwocky – Translations and parodies of the poem into various languages

Jennifer’s language page – How to say several phrases in lots of languages

Sköldpaddan kommer med vete i gryningen!!! – Multiple ways to say “The turtle brings wheat at dawn”

The poison oak and ivy translation project – How to say “Leaves of three, leave them be” in numerous languages

What is your name? in many languages (the question, not your actual name

“Gillian Anderson is Beautiful” in 42 different languages and dialects (well…if you agree with their classification of Klingon, Cantonese and Mandarin as “dialects”)

How to say “ouch” in different languages (yes, it varies) – contains sound files recording pain suffered by speakers of different languages

And for those of you with dietary restrictions…

“I have diabetes”

“I am a vegetarian”



And get your name in






Egyptian Hieroglyphs



Japanese (Latin alphabet)

Japanese (Katakana)


Morse Code



Your local newspaper on a regular basis

the Zen tradition


Linguist humor

Some linguist humor sites from Henry

Miscellaneous Linguist Humor

Bad pick-up lines for linguists

Silly Thought on Linguistics

Reflections on OT (includes an analysis on why “tableau” is more optimal than “table”)

How to make a linguistic theory from John Lawler’s pages

Are you a linguist? – take this quiz to find out 

Suggested Minimal Requirements for Advanced Study in Linguistics by Alexander Gross

Totally Twisted Grammar – “Humor, bizarreness, and oddities of language” from Michael Permberton’s Descriptive English Grammar course at the University of Illinois

The Linguistics Fun page from ojohaven

Linguist jokes – from Profession Jokes collection, jokes about linguists and jokes linguists might enjoy


Fun with Chomsky - 

Noam Chomsky: A Life of Dissent (electronic edition) by Robert F. Barsky

An article by Chomsky – excerpt from Language and Mind from the philosophy archive

Naomi Chase interviews Noam Chomsky about linguistics

The Chomsky Archive mostly political, from

The linguistics section of, a supplement to the archive

The Genius of Chomsky site short discussion of linguistics – photos of Chomsky

OK, so here’s his homepage

A slide presentation about Chomsky from a course at the Translation, Theory and Technology website

About Noam Chomsky – a collection of articles and links, including linguistics

Noam Chomsky resources from the eJournal Critical Thinkers Resources

The Political Economy of Noam Chomsky from a short course taught by Larry Mosquedaat The Evergreen State College

The Comsky pages from the Anarchist Archive

A celebration of Chomsky – essays in linguistics and cognitive science written for his 70th birthday

Beyond Chomsky an archive of papers arguing against generative/transformational grammar

Could Chomsky be wrong? – an overview of alternatives to generative linguistics

A list of anti-generative-grammar links

Chomsky’s misunderstanding of human thinking by Yehouda Harpaz


Fun with language bots

“They Fight Crime!” Generates tag-lines for a movie – “He's a scrappy devious dwarf from the Mississippi delta. She's a foxy kleptomaniac widow with a birthmark shaped like Liberty's torch. They fight crime!”New sentences each time you open it.

An index to various bots


On the edge

Institute of General Semantics and “To Be” in their Bonnets an article on general semantics from The Atlantic by Cullen Murphy

American Association for Handwriting Analysis – “an avenue for self-awareness and for vocational, marriage, and personnel counseling.”

NLP Information (includes exercises)

A guided tour of NLP – “Just imagine what you would do if your bread machine arrived without instructions.

NLP, How does it work?

Entry on NLP from The Skeptic’s Dictionary (and a readers response)

Some of other – linguistic-related entries:


Facilitated Communication


Automatic Writing



The alt.folklore.urban/Urban Legends Language page – the low-down on urban legends about language


Other fun linguistic links

Color Text Brain Teaser – Try reading a list of color names written in different colors – generates new puzzles so you can try over and over

The Visual Thesaurus from Plumb Design – a very cool site that animates the semantic relationships between words

International Collection of Tongue Twisters

Kanji for tattoos from

Ralph Blights course on Language, mythology and the vampire legend from UT Austin

Shoecabbages – Demonstrating the arbitrariness of the sign

Language activities – fun sites about language and other linguistics links

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut – “Wants pawn term, dare worsted ladle gull hoe lift wetter murder inner ladle cordage, honor itch offer lodge, dock, florist.” demonstrates the importance of context for word recognition…

Collection of interesting sounds from the Acoustical Society of America

Presidential Syntax and Morphology – keeping track of the president’s speech errors

Words and Images Portrait of Language artwork about language by Elly Sherman