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Basic resources on endangered languages

Additional resources on endangered languages

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Some local community organizations


Basic resources on Endangered languages

Endangered Languages – by Tony Woodbury, from the LSA

What does it mean to say a language is endangered? from the LSA faq

Endangered Language Fund

What is an endangered language? and why it matters from yourdictionary.com’s Endangered Language Repository at yourdictionary.com

Foundation for Endangered Languages


UNESCO International clearinghouse for Endangered Languages

Less Commonly Taught Languages – Find out where to study particular languages

Terlingua – Partnerships for Linguistic and Biological Diversity

Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights

Teaching Indigenous Languages – a series of conferences at Northern Arizona University including 

Association for Linguistic Typology

The Research Centre for Linguistic Typology at Australian National University

World Atlas of Language sturctures


Additional resources on endangered languages

Aboriginal Language Resurrected in South Australia – Transcript of a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Minority and endangered languages of the world a course taught by Jeff Matthews at the University of Maryland in Europe

Native Languages page from Capuchine’s Native Resources

Center for Indigenous Languages of Latin America

Promoting community languages – from the Welsh Language Board

DOBES - Dokumentation Bedrohter Sprachen Documentation of Endangered Languages project from the Max Planck Institute

NativeWeb’s resources on the world’s indigenous languages

Aboriginal resources page – Links related to the indigenous languages and cultures of Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Latin America 

GeoNative – a Basque-based site about minority languages around the world

Ecolinguistics – the study of the relationship between linguistic and biological diversity

First Peoples language pages on SchoolNet

The Center for World Indigenous Studies

Global Internet Statistics by Language

Steven Bird at UPenn 

Endangered Languages – an introduction with links

Doris Payne’s Languages of the World course at the University of Oregon on a variety of languages with a good set of web resources on endangered languages

Foundation for Endangered Languages


First Peoples language pages on SchoolNet

The Center for World Indigenous Studies


Articles on endangered languages 

Can the web save my language? by Laura Buszard-Welcher  on using the web as a tool for language preservation - also published in Leanne Hinton and Ken Hale, eds. (2001) The Green Book of Language Revitalization in Practice. Pp. 331-48. San Diego: Academic Press. includes a large set of links related to Native American languages

The Impassioned Fight to Save Dying Languages by Robert Lee Hotz, originally published in the Los Angeles Times (posted by yourdicitonary.com’s library)

From Threatened Languages to Threatened Lives by linguist Dan Everett from yourdictionary.com

How many indigenous American languages are spoken in the United States? By how many speakers? by James Estes from yourdictionary.com

Is the language of Christ dying? on the endangerment of Aramaic

Aboriginal Language Resurrected in South Australia – Transcript of a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Australian University Goes On-line with Studies of Aboriginal Group’s Language and Culture report on the Yolngu Studies program at Northern Territory University

Vanishing tongues: Scientists fight to save world's disappearing languages By Gareth Cook 

Hour Two: Endangered Languages From Science Friday on NPR  March 8, 2002

Michif in danger of becoming extinct

Tongue-TiedLinguists and Native Speakers Fight
to Preserve Dying Languages

April 8, 2002

Scottish language archives reported on BBC

Women’s writing in China

A Tiny Minority Fights Extinction – article on Sorbian language preservation

Jewish World Review: Ladino - A Lost Language? - Interview with Avner Peretz, director of the Institute of Ladino (October 20, 1998)


Some community organizations

U'wa in Crisis

The U'wa People

Open Letter From the U'wa People to the National Government and People Of Colombia

U'wa Information Center

Akha Heritage Foundation