Resources on language contact, pidgins and creoles


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Basic resources on language contact

Additional resources

Resources relate to Gullah

Resources on Native American Contact Languages

Pages related to particular languages


Basic resources on language contact

Creolist Archives

Language Varieties Network - information on Pidgins, Creoles and “other stigmatized varieties”

ThinkQuest site about Pidgins and Creoles with emphasis on Hawaiian Creole English (or Pidgin)

course notes on Pidgins and Creoles from Harold Schiffman at Penn

An introduction to Pidgins and Creoles from Oregon sociolinguistics


Google Pidgins and Creoles directory


Additional resources on language contact

JPCL – The Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

Google Pidgins and Creoles directory

Papers by Sally Thomason

Contact languages in the Bantu Area article by Salikoko Mufwene


Resources related to Gullah

The Gullah language a student project

Introduction to Gullah

A Gullah glossary

Article on session about Gullah at the United Nations from Gullah Heritage

Gullah a page by Virginia Mixson Geraty


Resources on Michif and Chinook Jargon (and Chinook)

Pages on Michif Metis National Council

Another page on Michif

page about Chinook Jargon

Chinnok Jargon

Gibbs 1863 dictionary of Chinook Jargon

Tenas Wawa – The Chinook Jargon Voice a newsletter

An International Idiom: A Manual of the Oregon Trade Language, or "Chinook Jargon" (London: Whittaker, 1890) by Horatio Hale (page images at

Dictionary of Indian Tongues: Containing Most of the Words and Terms Used in the Tshimpsean, Hydah, & Chinook: With Their Meaning or Equivalent in the English Language (Victoria B.C: Hibben & Carswell, 1862) (page images at

Vocabulary of the Chinook Jargon: the Complete Language Used By the Indians of Oregon, Washington Territory and British Possessions (San Francisco : Hutchings & Rosenfield, 1860) (page images at

Chinook Dictionary, Catechism, Prayers and Hymns (1871) by Modeste Demers and Francis Norbert Blanchet (page images at

Chinook Vocabulary, Chinook-English: From the Original of Rt. Rev. Bishop Durieu, O.M.I., With the Chinook Words in Phonography (1892) by Jean Marie Raphael Le Jeune and Paul


Other links related to specific languages

A glossary of Lingua Franca

Rasta/Patois Dictionary -Dictionary of Jamaican Creole English 

Exploring varieties of English – Jamaica

Speak Jamaican - Rasta oriented

Links on Haitian Creole

Searchable HCE/SE dictionary (Pidgin/English)

Full On Pidgin – A site about Hawaiian Creole English (although they call it Pidgin) 

Aborinal English homepage

A guide to Louisianna French

Kreyol Lwiziyen -A grammar of Louisianna Creole 

Papiamentu Spanish based creole