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General resources on American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Information on specific topics related to ASL

ASL Dictionaries

Information on other sign languages

Links related to the debate on cochlear implants

Fun links related to sign languages





General resources on ASL

What is sign language? from the LSA faq

Deaf Resource Library - numerous links and resources on Deaf Culture, ASL and other signed languages. An excellent site from anthropologist Karen Nakamura

NAD – National Association of the Deaf – very nice set of resources

ASL links from Purple Princess

ASL resources for students – a large set of links from Alysse Lemery Rasmussen

American Sign Language Sites – another large set of links from the Fairfax (Virginia) County School District

Quick Facts on Sign Language from the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders

ASL Sign Writing page a writing system for signed languages, with links to information on other proposed writing systems

Dr. Dave’s Deaf and HOH resources – Numerous Links on various topics

Yamada Language Guides ASL resources from the University of Oregon

Sign-language resources from Boston University

Everything you wanted to know about deafness - an FAQ site

Sign language links – links related to a variety of signed languages from the University of Leiden




Information on specific topics related to ASL

Research projects on the acquisition of sign language from Richard Meier at the University of Texas at Austin

LSA resolution – recognizing sign languages as equivalent to spoken language

American Sign Language Teachers Association

ASL Sign Writing page a writing system for signed languages, with links to information on other proposed writing systems

SignBank – a database of ASL texts in the movement writing system developed by Valerie Sutton

ASL Access – A volunteer non-profit organization to place ASL videos and resources in libraries

Deafmall – a site with commercial and informational links- send e-cards in ASL, find theaters showing captioned movies, and so on.. .

Sign Media, Inc. – Resources about ASL from an ASL publishing company




ASL Dictionaries 

Animated ASL Dictionary animated gifs showing signs in ASL

ASL Browser – another dictionary. This one uses Quicktime to demonstrate signs

HandSpeak – another animated dictionary (using gifs) – arranged by semantic categories as well alphabetical by English translation

Medical ASL Phrasebook – A glossary of medical terms in ASL




Information on Other Sign Languages

Language at its GenesisThe emergence of sign language in Nicaragua from the National Science Foundation highlighting research they have funded

Deaf cultures and sign languages of the global village – A ThinkQuest student-made site about different sign languages 

Dictionary of Psychological Terms in German Sign Language

The Russian Manual Alphabet – The manual alphabet used for Cyrillic 

Cree hand signals – from Canadian Digital Library

About Japanese Sign Language – by Karen Nakamura

British Sign Language by Matthew Chapman, includes .avi files demonstrating signs -a short dictionary of BSL

Singapore Sign Language

Croatian Sign Language – video dictionary available in English and Croatian

French Sign Language Online Dictionary

Latviesu Zimju Valodas Vardnica – Latvian Sign Language

Bahasa Iyarsat – An introduction to Malaysian Sign Language 

Malaysian Sign Language – Resources included an animated dictionary

Ethnologue’s catalog of the world’s sign langauges

Google directory listings for sign languages

Australian Sign Language – information and bibliography




Links related to the debate over cochlear implant

Cochlear Implants FAQ – basic information about cochlear implants 

Deaf World Web’s cochlear implants links – links to information and opions for and against cochlear implants 

Cochlear Implants Association – a non-profit organization for those with implants and their families




Fun Links

An interesting outline of the history of Gallaudet University

Deaf Awareness Week – From the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf – fun trivia about famous Deaf people in history

Deaf humor – a set of (non-offensive) jokes