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General links on artificial languages

Links on esperanto

Tolkein’s languages


Star Trek languages

Other constructed languages


General resources

International Auxiliary Languages site

Internet resources on constructed languages by Richard Kennaway

Teresh's Constructed Languages

Constructed Languages

Earth Minimal Language

Essays on Artificial Language Design

Optimal Auxiliary Language Guidelines

Chirs Bogart’s constructed languages page

How to Build a Language by Donald Harlow

Language maker - make up and submit new words, includes resources on artificial languages and language construction

Mary Shapiro’s Languages of Science Fiction course – includes pages such as Languages in SciFi Movies

The Language Construction Kit – Guidelines for building your own language

Linguistics and Science Fiction


Esperanto links

Esperanto Links – Numerous links to resources on Esperanto from Don Harlow

Esperanto League of North America 

Esperantic Studies Foundation 

Virtual Esperanto Library 

Esperanto for English Speakers 

Free Esperanto Course 


Tolkein languages

Resources on Tolkienian Linguistics and Vinyar Tengwar a journal from the Elvis Linguistic Fellowship

Ardlambion – an extensive site on Tolkienian linguistics

Also Amanye Tenceli The Writing Systems of Aman another Tolkien site

And also The Sindarin dictionary – another Tolkienian language (multiple pop-ups)

Tolkien Language Translator 

Tengwar Textbook 


Láadan sources

Suzette Haden Elgin's SF Home Page and her Linguistics & Science Fiction Interface and an archive of her writings as well as Lingua, One More Lonesome Node newsletter

The Native Tongue Home Page

Láadan Language Materials....

Láadan homepage


Star Trek languages


The Klingon Language Institute

Nick Nicholas' Klingon Page – Includes Shakespeare in the original Klingon

Klingonska Akademien – Information on Klingon in English and Swedish

The Klingon Language 

Voragh's Notes on Klingon Cursing  - A dictionary of Klingon obscenities

Romulan Dictionary 

Romulan Language: History and Background – 

Vulcan Academy Linguistics Department 

Vulcan Dictionary 

Vulcan Language Institute 

Languages in the Star Trek Universe links from Mary Shapiro

The Universal Translator Assistant Project – dictionaries of Star Trek Languages


Other constructured languages

Üqoqoizhoo'oonaiï “Language of the People” with a good set of  Constructed Language Links (pop-ups)

Language of the Dead – based on Stephen King’s novels

Nadsat Dictionary – from A Clockwork Orange