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Sites related to animal communication systems

Links related to primate language studies

Fun links about animal communication


Sites related to animal communication systems

Dolphin communication project

Bird Song Files

North American Bird Sounds

Song of the Earth – an episode of the PBS program Nature with David Attenborough on animal communication

Animal Communication – information about chimpanzee and Beluga whale communication

Chimpanzee Communication: Insight Into the Origin of Language

Carl Hayden Bee Research Center: Communication and Recruitment to Food Sources by Apis Mellifera

Jane Goodall Institute: Chimpanzee Communication

Kimball's Biology Pages: Honeybee Communication by John Kimball– info on sea mammal commnication

Animal Resources from SeaWorld/Busch Gardens

Bird Communication Research from the Bioacoustics lab at Cornell University

Supplement to a course on Animal Communication

Animal communication handout from Michael Barlow’s Introductory Linguistics class at Rice University

The Bird and Mammal Sound Communication Research Center

The Language of Song: An Interview with Donald Kroodsma

By Jennifer Uscher an article from Scientific American about bird communication

Animal Communication and Language by Dr. Robert Mannell

Natureworks – from the PBS program - a kid-oriented site with animal communication trivia


Links related to primate language studies

Could Bonzo have gone to college? – the editor of Discover magazine discusses attempts to teach chimpanzees language

Beastly Babble - animal communication from the National Center for Voice and Speech

A project in Thailand attempting to teach sign language to elephants

Inside the minds of animals – animal cognition and commuication from

The Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute at Central Washington University – Penny Patterson’s research with Koko the KokoMart store sells art by the gorillas Koko and Michael

Primate Cognition Lab at Columbia University

An interview with Sue Savage Rumbaugh about Kanzi from the New York Times

from John Limber’s page on primate communication at the University of New Hampshire 

Washoe project - A page from Robert and Deborah Fouts about their project to teach sign language to a chipanzee named Washoe

Primate Use of Language -a research site created by Lauren Kosseff at Tufts University– For advanced information see Robert Cook’s exploring the animal mind software and his animal cognition and learning site.

Language Research Center at Georgia State University – research on language and primates, where Kanzi lives

Resources for ape and chimpanzee language experiments

Language in Apes:
How Much Do They Know and How Much Should We Teach Them from Dave Switzer and the University of Waterloo (Canada)

Animal communication and human language – an introduction to issues and experiements 

Planet of the Communicative Apes – a “science nugget” about primate language studies from the National Science Foundation


Fun Links

An internet chat with Koko the gorillaClaimed to be the first on-line inter-species chat, you can also see and purchase Koko’s paintings at

Report on the first Eurovision Bird Song Contest – from Baltics Worldwide

The Pet Psychic talks to animals on a regular basis.