Resources on languages of sub-Saharan Africa



General resources on a variety of African languages

Resources on specific languages or families

The languages of South Africa

see also Afro-Asiatic Language Resources


Resources on a variety of languages

Webbook of African Language Resources extensive site from MSU

African Language Directory at UCLA detailed information on a wide variety of African Languages

African writing systems

Language and popular culture in Africa a research project at the University of Amsterdam with a variety of resources including the archive of popular Swahili

African languages and software links related to particular African languages and African language software

African Language Resources a set of links on a variety of languages from the Columbia University

Yale Africa Interactive Guide on Languages

African Language Resources Links related to African languages (including Arabic)

The Living Africa A ThinkQuest site with a short section on language families



Resources on specific languages and families

Bantu languages on the Net

comparative Bantu on-line dictionary - a lexicographic database on Bantu languages

Bura Language

Language in the Spotlight: Yoruba

Languages of Nigeria

Sango: National Language of the Central African Republic

Variation and Gender in Urban Sango

Guide to Swahili

Koeppe Swahili / Kiswahili publication list

Swahili Language History

Swahili Studies Bibliography

Wolof Resources

Maasai language pages and the Nilotic Language Network from the University of Oregon

Bamileke a general page, see also Tonology  of Bamileke

Yoruba Language Expert

Languages of Zambia

Languages of Tanzania

The Ghana Language Page

African language and linguistics links

Akan Bibliography

Akan Dictionary Project

Language Development for Literacy: The Case of Shiyeyi in Botswana - Academic paper by Lydia Nyati-Ramahobo



Languages of South Africa

South African Languages

links related to the languages of South African

PANSALB The Pan-South African Language Board, the government language policy board

Xhosa language website A ThinkQuest site including information on how to pronounce the sounds of Xhosa with wav files

On-line Zulu lessons with audio files