Resources on Language Acquisition


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Basic resources on language acquisition

Introductory articles on language acquisition from “The Brain Connection”

Additional more advanced resources

Fun Acquisition Links


Basic resources on language acquisition

LSA introduction to Language Acquisition by

An introduction to language acquisition from Steven Pinker

Chosmky on language acquisition

Language acquisition a short introduction by Robert Beard

Developmental milestones in Speech and Language from the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders

An outline of normal speech development from a speech-language pathologist

A glossary of terms related to language acquisition


A few introductory articles from the Brain Connection

Introduction to Language Acquisition

Stages of child brain development

Is there a critical period for learning a foreign language?

Brain shows two bilingual roads

Cognitive advantages of balanced bilingualism


Additional more advanced resources on language acquisition

CHILDES links on child language

Internation Association for the Study of Child Language

Language Acquisition Resource Center at SDSU – Resources primarily about second language

The Importance of Child-Directed Speech by Vera Kempe, Patricia J. Brooks, and Laura Pirott

on Motherese

The child’s brain episode from PBS’ The secret life of the brain


Fun Acquisition Links

ThinkQuest site on language acquisition