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General resources on African American English

Links related to African American English and education

Links related to the Ebonics controversy

Linguist’s homepages

Some sources on African American literature


General resources on African American English

A basic introduction to African American Vernacular English

Black English – Lecture notes compiled by Joycelyn Landrum-Brown


Bibliographies on Ebonics and the description of African American English

University of Massachusetts African American English homepage – Site for a research project on the language and speech of African American children

Annotated Bibliography on Black English

She Talkded the Talk and Walkded the Walk: Convergence of Sound and Meaning in AAVE Language and Culture Mary B. Zeiglerat Georgia State University


Links related to African American English and education

LINGUIST List discussion of Accents in the Classroom

LINGUIST List Ebonics Topics page

Excerpts from The real Ebonics debate: Power, language and the education of African American children from the editors of Rethinking Schools: An Urban Educational Journal

The Ebonics Page A collection of resources by David Sheridan

A list of Ebonics resources from a course at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Ebonics resources list from Michael Pemberton’s Descriptive English Grammar course at the University of Illinois includes a collection of excerpts from op-ed pieces.

Links related to Ebonics from the Center for Applied Linguistics


Links related to the Ebonics controversy

LSA Resolution on Ebonics

CAL statement on Ebonics

Original Oakland Resolution(January 15, 1997)

Revised Oakland Resolution(December 18, 1996)

The Conference on College Composition and Communication statement on the Ebonics controversy see also the earlier Students’ Right to the Own Language

Policy statement on African American English from TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)


Linguist Homepages

Geneva Smitherman’s homepage

John Rickford’s homepage including writings on Ebonics and the homepage for his course on African American Vernacular English

John Baugh’s pages on the Ebonics controversy see also housing discrimination

William Labov’s congressional testimony on Ebonics


Some resources on African American Literature


Harlem Renaissance: Women Writersfrom Northern Kentucky University

W.E.B. Du Bois Virtual University

Toni Morrison in the Nobel Prize winners at e-museum

African American literature book club

Zora Neale Hurston page contains excerpt from TEWWG

James Weldon Johnson page from Modern American Poetry site at UIllinois 

Annika’s Alice Walker page – best resource on Walker’s 

Site dedicated to August Wilson includes audio files from performances

Classic AA fiction – collection of e-texts from “Multi-cultural paths” at the UVA School of education 

On-line e-texts by AA authors from the internet school library

Voices in the gap – from U Minn on african american women writers

North American Slave Narratives from UNC Documenting the American South

Former Slaves Narratives an on-line anthology of narratives collected from former slaves by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930’s at the University of Virginia