The University Library's policies and processes for selecting, funding, and managing electronic resources are currently under review by an Electronic Resource Task Force (see Appendix 3). In the interim, before the library organization reviews and acts on the recommendations which will emerge from that group, this handbook is offered as a means of communicating current practices and procedures.

The Library's processes and policies (many de facto) have emerged over the last decade. Many of the early modes of operating reflected the constraints of technology (e.g., attendant costs of hardware) or types of resources (e.g., the Library had little or no history with non-text-based electronic resources and, therefore, no explicit policy for support of these new formats). In light of trends related to the Internet, the publishing sector, and campus budget models, the imperative of review of policies and practices is evident.

This handbook is intended to be a "work in progress"-- that is, we'd like feedback about what information is needed, what frequency of update for various data would be useful, etc. It is intended that some aspects --e.g., the draft database of current electronic resources--may become online resources themselves, but input from the selector and collection manager communities is needed to inform these decisions.

From time to time we intend to share useful readings or other information which may help us all shape these policies and procedures. If you have ideas or resources that your colleagues might find to be useful references, please pass them along.


Wendy Lougee
Assistant Director, Digital Library Initiatives & Electronic Resource Officer


Pat Hodges
Editor, Electronic Resources Handbook


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