Philip S. Boonstra

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Twitter: @psboonstra
GitHub: psboonstra
Cross Validated: psboonstra
Research Associate Professor,
Dept. of Biostatistics, University of Michigan

Curriculum Vitae

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Biostatistics 501: Introduction to R
  Spring 2020, Syllabus
Biostatistics 699: Design and Analysis of Biostatistics Investigations
  Winter 2021
  Winter 2020, Syllabus
  Winter 2019, Syllabus
Biostatistics 619: Clinical Trials
  Fall 2014, Syllabus
  Fall 2015, Syllabus
  Fall 2016, Syllabus
  Winter 2018, Syllabus; Slides
Biostatistics 664: Statistical Methods for Cancer Research
  Fall 2015, Syllabus