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Research Associate Professor,
Dept. of Biostatistics, University of Michigan

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Research Interests
My goal for any statistical analysis is to get the most out of the data, thus my research interests focus on shrinkage estimation and sharing strength betwen multiple heterogenous datasets. The underlying theme in all of my work -- methodological and applied -- is to connect new and/or complex statistical methodology with the scientific problem at hand. Some of my specific research interests include Publications (Published / Accepted)
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  3.   Accepted Version The definitive version is available at
      R Code
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  5.   Accepted Version The definitive version is available at There is a typo in the definition of the Brier Score on the top of page 14. The argument to the estimated survivor function should be "t".
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  7.   Accepted Version The definitive version is available at
      Accepted Version (Supplementary Materials)
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  9.   Accepted Version The definitive version is available at
      R/C Code For Data Analysis
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  11.   Accepted Version The definitive version is available at
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  16.   Accepted Version The definitive version is available at
      Accepted Version (Supplementary Materials)
      R Code For Simulation Study
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  18.   Accepted Version
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  20.   Accepted Version
      Accepted Version (Supplementary Materials)
      R Code For Simulation Study
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  28.   R Code for Simulation Study
      Published Version
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