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These pages are maintained by Paula C. Schaffner, with contributions from the the staff and patrons of the Ann Arbor District Library Youth Department. They are currently hosted by the University of Michigan ITD web server.

Original graphics, arrangement, design, and portions of the text copyright © 1996-1999 Paul F. Schaffner.

Picture credits: The gray-scale images on pp1.html, ydbooks.html, and ydkids.html are scanned from the 1894 issue of St. Nicholas Magazine; the gray-scale image on ydsafe.html is scanned from an illustration in Louisa May Alcott, Little Men (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1892); the whimsical image "mine2.gif," which appears on the various "Librarians' Picks" pages, is adapted from one of the plates devoted to mining in Diderot's Encyclopédie (1763).

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