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General Information. We can recommend the following sites as good places to start looking for subject information:

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper.
Kids Web: A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Kid Info: Your E-Zine to the Best Info on the World Wide Web

Subjects We've Been Asked About

Explorers of the World is a site developed by Bellingham Public Schools, Bellingham, Washington. It includes explorers of land, ideas, sky, and art; and has links to other sites as well.
IPL (Internet Public Library) Science Fair Project Resource Guide.
License Plates of North America provides pictures of all the U.S. state and Canadian provincial plates, plus some specialty plates like those belonging to the U.S. military, American Indian tribes, the Canal zone, and Guam.
National Parks is produced by the National Park Service and provides most of the introductory information any report writer or would-be visitor might desire.
Native American Sites, a collection of sites provided by individual Native American groups.

Referring to web stuff.
You've found things on the Web that you can use for a homework project. But how do you put them in the bibliography? Here are some guides:

button Referencing Web Documents, Gillian Westera's collection of guides.
button- Beyond the MLA Handbook, a guide to documenting electronic sources by Andrew Harnack and Gene Kleppinger of Eastern Kentucky University.


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