Preparing MEC Files for Merger

File last modified Friday, 05-Nov-1999 09:43:31 EST
For other MEC files, see the  MEC Index page.

Note: These procedures are directed toward virgin (unmerged) files. Different procedures will be needed for files that have already undergone the merge process.

All scripts used here can be found in \mecode\perl\merge

To prepare MED files for merge:

  1. run latest maintenance script on all MED files

  2. generate list of stencils from volumes, thus:

     perl *.tei.sgm >>

  3. sort/uniq the stencil file in textpad
  4. remove irregulars from the top/bottom.
     Add changes as necessary to new maintenance script.
     Save file

  5. run on the file

  6. reload the file in textpad and sort/uniq
     save file

  7. run on the file 

  8. remove irregulars as noticed; add as necessary to maintenance script

  9. move stencils beginning with numbers to their alphabetical place
     (e.g. "12-" to "twelve-")

  10. copy sections into separate files corresponding to individual
      map files.

To prepare MEB files for merge:

  1. normalize file, i.e., enter:

     sgmlnorm -cnormcat -Dc:\mecode\dtds -n [file] > [newfile]

  2. "entrify" file, i.e. remove newlines from within entries,
     by running on the file (replaces old script)
  3. Examine all entries to determine if 'TYPE="DOC"' has been correctly
     applied (use an editor, word-wrap turned off).
  4. Run on files to correct minor spacing irregularities.

  5. extract stencils using merge-extraction script, (perl [file.sgm] > [file.sss])

  6. derive canonical MED stencils from HB stencils by
     running on *.sss files: 
     perl [file.sss] > []


o Open relevant .map file in text editor
o Open relevant section of .med file in text editor
o Open relevant .sgm file in Panorama
o Go to it. See the Detailed Guide.
o See Guide to the Unmerged.