Guide to the Unmerged

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Typical Problems Arising from MED->HB Mapping


normal stencils get mapped from MED to HB using <grp>.
"v.d." stencils get mapped from MED to HB using <prp>.
"-----" stencils get mapped from MED to HB using <nrpgrp>.


  1. Short/Full stencil problem:
    MED has full stencil, HB has short stencil only.
    Make list of such stencils in your batch. Add full stencils to the HB file. Add exactly the same stencil, inside grp tags, to the appropriate spot in the map file. Cut and paste the med stencils from the med file into the new grps in the map file.
  2. Dating discrepancies, e.g.:
  3. [OD col.] problems. All of these can be put off, but consider these for the future. We will NOT, for the moment, link any of the OD col quots. to the HB OD col. blanket entry.

  4. Bracketed Cits problem.

    Stencil is used in MED only in bracketed citations, and is absent from HB.

    Though there are not very many of these, we will defer treatment of them and consider adding them later on the grounds that no bibliographic ref in the MED should go unexplained. Leave unmatched now.

    Stencil is used in MED in both bracketed and non-bracketed cits, but bracketed cits sometimes have dates not allowed to non-bracketed cits in HB.

    Match, add use note to HB indicating that the work is cited from other dates for non-ME quots.

  5. Preference problems.
  6. Obsolete stencil problems

Other problems

Same passages referred to with multiple stencils (e.g. "in ..." and "")
If there is a principled difference between the two stencils, or if one can be found or invented, retain both stencils, change misbehaving examples to correct stencil in MED, emend ref or use note to reflect distinction.

If no principle difference can be found, or if there is a wholesale mess (e.g. the " Sur.Soc.35" stencils), remove and add MED stencils as necessary to create a coherent situation, list all changes in the use notes to the appropriate entries ("in print MED also quoted with stencils ... and ... ").

Overlap between regular and OD-col stencils
See separate OD-col guidelines.

What to do with new entries

  1. Create new entries as needed to accommodate "missing" stencils
  2. Copy stencil from AE file to temporary text file of new stencils
  3. When all the new stencils for a batch or set of batches have been added, treat the text file as if it were an HB batch itself, i.e. run first and then on the file to create a map file
  4. Map the 'missing' stencils to the new stencils in the temporary map file.
  5. Cut and paste the new <grp>s from the temporary map file to the permament map files in their appropriate alphabetical place.