Electronic Middle English Dictionary


Based on document by NIGELK dated 8 Dec 97; revised pfs 26 June 1998
File modified Thursday, 06-Aug-1998 19:16:17 EDT

For other MEC files, see the  MEC INDEX

  1. To index a whole volume:
    1. FTP the "x#.tei.sgm" files to dev: /prep4/med/X/src (where "X" is the upppercase volume letter and "x#" is the bundle number)

    2. If you have indexed this volume before and are just uploading new versions of the files, SKIP TO STEP 5.

    3. Open a telnet session with dev; use mkdir to create a new directory X/index/x# to correspond with each source file in X/src/ (e.g., for the t3 bundle, make sure that there is a directory T/index/t3 to match the file T/src/t3.tei.sgm)

    4. Still in the telnet session, cd to /prep4/med and run the command to install templates:
          ./bin/install.templates.pl /prep4/med/X/index/x*
      E.g., if you just created /prep4/med/K/index/k1/ and /prep4/med/K/index/k2/, run:
          ./bin/install.templates.pl /prep4/med/K/index/k1
          ./bin/install.templates.pl /prep4/med/K/index/k2

    5. Still in your telnet session to dev, still working in /prep4/med, run the command to perform the volume indexing:
          ./bin/index.volume X...
      where "X..." can be zero or more single upper-case letters separated by spaces. E.g., to index the J and K volumes, type:
          ./bin/index.volume J K

      The program will give some meaningless error messages about nonexistent bundles; ignore these. Other error messages may result from invalid files: if you need to fix a file, do it locally, on your own machine, then re-FTP the fixed version. Don't attempt to edit the .sgm files on dev.

  2. To index a single bundle:
    1. FTP the source files "x#.tei.sgm" to dev: /prep4/med/X/src as with volume indexing.

    2. Copy the file by hand from /prep4/med/X/src to /prep4/med/X/index/x#/x#.tei.sgm to replace the old file. E.g., if the file is k1.tei.sgm, cd to /prep4/med/K/index/k1/ and type the following:
          cp ../../../src/k1.tei.sgm k1.tei.sgm

    3. CD to /prep4/med and run the command that indexes the individual bundle:
          ./bin/index.fascicle.csh /prep4/med/X/index/x#
      E.g., to index k2.tei.sgm:
          ./bin/index.fascicle.csh /prep4/med/K/index/k2

      Again, as with volume indexing, if error messages indicate a faulty file, fix it at home and ftp the revised version to dev; do not attempt to edit the file on dev.

If you meet something that you can't understand or fix, ask Nigel