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<!-- Character entity set. Typical invocation:
     "MEC 1998-1//ENTITIES MED 1//EN">

<!ENTITY Aacute SDATA "[Aacute]"--=capital A, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY aacute SDATA "[aacute]"--=small a, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY abreve SDATA "[abreve]"--=small a, breve-->
<!ENTITY Acirc  SDATA "[Acirc ]"--=capital A, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY acirc  SDATA "[acirc ]"--=small a, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY AElig  SDATA "[AElig ]"--=capital AE diphthong(ligature)-->
<!ENTITY aelig  SDATA "[aelig ]"--=small ae diphthong (ligature)-->
<!ENTITY Agrave SDATA "[Agrave]"--=capital A, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY agrave SDATA "[agrave]"--=small a, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY alpha  SDATA "[alpha ]"--=greek alpha -->
<!ENTITY Amacr  SDATA "[Amacr ]"--=capital A, macron-->
<!ENTITY amacr  SDATA "[amacr ]"--=small a, macron-->
<!ENTITY amp    SDATA "[amp   ]"--=ampersand-->
<!ENTITY Aring  SDATA "[Aring ]"--=capital A, ring-->
<!ENTITY aring  SDATA "[aring ]"--=small a, ring-->
<!ENTITY Atilde SDATA "[Atilde]"--=capital A, tilde-->
<!ENTITY atilde SDATA "[atilde]"--=small a, tilde -->
<!ENTITY Auml   SDATA "[Auml  ]"--=capital A, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY auml   SDATA "[auml  ]"--=small a, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY beta   SDATA "[beta  ]"--=greek beta-->
<!ENTITY breve  SDATA "[breve ]"--=breve-->
<!ENTITY caron  SDATA "[caron ]"--=caron-->
<!ENTITY Ccedil SDATA "[Ccedil]"--=capital C, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY ccedil SDATA "[ccedil]"--=small c, cedilla-->
<!ENTITY cmacr  SDATA "[cmacr ]"--=small c, macron-->
<!ENTITY cross  SDATA "[cross ]"--=an iron cross-->
<!ENTITY deg    SDATA "[deg   ]"--=degree mark-->
<!ENTITY divide SDATA "[divide]"--=division sign-->
<!ENTITY dot    SDATA "[dot   ]"--=dot above-->
<!ENTITY dotb   SDATA "[dotb  ]"--=dot below-->
<!ENTITY Eacute SDATA "[Eacute]"--=capital E, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY eacute SDATA "[eacute]"--=small e, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY ebreve SDATA "[ebreve]"--=small e, breve-->
<!ENTITY Ecirc  SDATA "[Ecirc ]"--=capital E, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY ecirc  SDATA "[ecirc ]"--=small e, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Egrave SDATA "[Egrave]"--=capital E, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY egrave SDATA "[egrave]"--=small e, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY Emacr  SDATA "[Emacr ]"--=capital E, macron-->
<!ENTITY emacr  SDATA "[emacr ]"--=small e, macron-->
<!ENTITY eta    SDATA "[eta   ]"--=greek eta-->
<!ENTITY ETH    SDATA "[ETH   ]"--=capital Eth, Icelandic-->
<!ENTITY eth    SDATA "[eth   ]"--=small eth, Icelandic-->
<!ENTITY Euml   SDATA "[Euml  ]"--=capital E, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY euml   SDATA "[euml  ]"--=small e, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY frac12 SDATA "[frac12]"--=fraction, one over two-->
<!ENTITY ghacek SDATA "[ghacek]"--=small g, hacek-->
<!ENTITY gt     SDATA "[gt    ]"--=greaterthan symbol or right angle bracket-->
<!ENTITY hellip SDATA "[hellip]"--=ellipsis (horizontal)-->
<!ENTITY Iacute SDATA "[Iacute]"--=capital I, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY iacute SDATA "[iacute]"--=small i, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Icirc  SDATA "[Icirc ]"--=capital I, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY icirc  SDATA "[icirc ]"--=small i, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Igrave SDATA "[Igrave]"--=capital I, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY igrave SDATA "[igrave]"--=small i, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY Imacr  SDATA "[Imacr ]"--=capital I, macron-->
<!ENTITY imacr  SDATA "[imacr ]"--=small i, macron-->
<!ENTITY iota   SDATA "[iota  ]"--=greek iota-->
<!ENTITY Iuml   SDATA "[Iuml  ]"--=capital I, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY iuml   SDATA "[iuml  ]"--=small i, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY laquo  SDATA "[laquo ]"--=angle quotation mark, left-->
<!ENTITY macr   SDATA "[macr  ]"--=macron-->
<!ENTITY mdash  SDATA "[mdash ]"--=em dash-->
<!ENTITY ndash  SDATA "[ndash ]"--=en dash-->
<!ENTITY Ntilde SDATA "[Ntilde]"--=capital N, tilde-->
<!ENTITY ntilde SDATA "[ntilde]"--=small n, tilde-->
<!ENTITY Oacute SDATA "[Oacute]"--=capital O, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY oacute SDATA "[oacute]"--=small o, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Ocirc  SDATA "[Ocirc ]"--=capital O, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY ocirc  SDATA "[ocirc ]"--=small o, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY oelig  SDATA "[oelig ]"--=small oe ligature-->
<!ENTITY Ograve SDATA "[Ograve]"--=capital O, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY ograve SDATA "[ograve]"--=small o, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY ohacek SDATA "[ohacek]"--=small o, hacek-->
<!ENTITY Omacr  SDATA "[Omacr ]"--=capital O, macron-->
<!ENTITY omacr  SDATA "[omacr ]"--=small o, macron-->
<!ENTITY Oslash SDATA "[Oslash]"--=capital O, slash-->
<!ENTITY oslash SDATA "[oslash]"--=small o, slash-->
<!ENTITY Otilde SDATA "[Otilde]"--=capital O, tilde-->
<!ENTITY otilde SDATA "[otilde]"--=small o, tilde-->
<!ENTITY Ouml   SDATA "[Ouml  ]"--=capital O, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY ouml   SDATA "[ouml  ]"--=small o, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY pound  SDATA "[pound ]"--=pound sterling sign-->
<!ENTITY quarre SDATA "[quarre]"--=box-like medieval musical notation-->
<!ENTITY raquo  SDATA "[raquo ]"--=angle quotation mark, right-->
<!ENTITY rarr   SDATA "[rarr  ]"--=arrow right for the xrefs-->
<!ENTITY sect   SDATA "[sect  ]"--=section mark-->
<!ENTITY shacek SDATA "[shacek]"--=small s, hacek-->
<!ENTITY sigma  SDATA "[sigma ]"--=greek sigma-->
<!ENTITY szlig  SDATA "[szlig ]"--=small sharp s, German (szligature-->
<!ENTITY tau    SDATA "[tau   ]"--=greek tau-->
<!ENTITY THETA  SDATA "[THETA ]"--=greek uppercase theta-->
<!ENTITY THORN  SDATA "[THORN ]"--=capital THORN, Icelandic-->
<!ENTITY thorn  SDATA "[thorn ]"--=small thorn, Icelandic-->
<!ENTITY Uacute SDATA "[Uacute]"--=capital U, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY uacute SDATA "[uacute]"--=small u, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY Ucirc  SDATA "[Ucirc ]"--=capital U, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY ucirc  SDATA "[ucirc ]"--=small u, circumflex accent-->
<!ENTITY Ugrave SDATA "[Ugrave]"--=capital U, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY ugrave SDATA "[ugrave]"--=small u, grave accent-->
<!ENTITY Umacr  SDATA "[Umacr ]"--=capital U, macron-->
<!ENTITY umacr  SDATA "[umacr ]"--=small u, macron-->
<!ENTITY usd5   SDATA "[usd5  ]"--=upside-down-5 used in T several times-->
<!ENTITY Uuml   SDATA "[Uuml  ]"--=capital U, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY uuml   SDATA "[uuml  ]"--=small u, dieresis or umlautmark-->
<!ENTITY Yacute SDATA "[Yacute]"--=capital Y, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY yacute SDATA "[yacute]"--=small y, acute accent-->
<!ENTITY ymacr  SDATA "[ymacr ]"--=small y, macron-->
<!ENTITY YOGH   SDATA "[YOGH  ]"--=capital Yogh-->
<!ENTITY yogh   SDATA "[yogh  ]"--=small yogh-->
<!ENTITY yuml   SDATA "[yuml  ]"--=small y, dieresis or umlautmark-->

<!--  added 4 March 98 by pfs to accommodate S -->

<!ENTITY ehacek SDATA "[ehacek]"--=small e, hacek-->
<!ENTITY chacek SDATA "[chacek]"--=small c, hacek-->

<!--  added 1 April 98 by pfs to accommodate current MED production -->

<!ENTITY lsquo  SDATA "[lsquo ]"--=left single quotation mark-->
<!ENTITY rsquo  SDATA "[rsquo ]"--=right single quotation mark-->

<!--  added 10 June 98 by pfs to accommodate M -->

<!ENTITY ahacek SDATA "[ahacek]"--=small a, with hacek-->
<!ENTITY uhacek SDATA "[uhacek]"--=small u, with hacek-->

<!-- this entity has been replaced by &usd5;   -->

<!ENTITY upsidedown5 SDATA "[upsidedown5]" -- used in T several times -->

<!-- Added 10/98 to accommodate G by jm                  -->
<!ENTITY Ghacek SDATA "[Ghacek]"--=capital G, hacek -->

<!-- Added 2/99 to accommodate A -->
<!ENTITY ohkact SDATA "[ohkact]"--=Icelandic o-hook with acute accent -->

<!-- Added 2/99 to accommodate B -->
<!ENTITY bnote SDATA  "[bnote ]"--=musical notation looks like small b -->

<!-- Added 3/99 to accommodate A -->
<!ENTITY schwa SDATA  "[schwa ]"--=phonetic schwa symbol (upside-down-e) -->

<!-- Added 4/99 from ISONUM.ent to accommodate W1 -->
<!ENTITY frac14 SDATA "[frac14]"--=fraction one-quarter-->
<!ENTITY frac34 SDATA "[frac34]"--=fraction three-quarters-->
<!ENTITY ldquo  SDATA "[ldquo ]"--=double quotation mark, left-->
<!ENTITY rdquo  SDATA "[rdquo ]"--=double quotation mark, right-->

<!-- Added 12/99 from ISONUM.ent to accommodate Vendor samples -->
<!ENTITY verbar SDATA "[verbar]"--/vert =vertical bar-->
<!ENTITY para   SDATA "[para  ]"--=pilcrow (paragraph sign)-->

<!ENTITY middot SDATA "[middot]"--= mid-height dot-->

<!-- Added 2/00 by APEX from ISOpub.ent for CME text conversion -->
<!ENTITY chi      SDATA "[chi   ]"--=small chi, Greek-->

<!-- Added 4/00 by APEX from ISOnum.ent for CME text conversion -->
<!ENTITY lt     SDATA "[lt    ]"--=less-than sign R:-->
<!ENTITY frac78 SDATA "[frac78]"--=fraction seven-eighths-->

<!-- Added 4/00 by APEX from ISOpub.ent for CME text conversion -->
<!ENTITY frac13 SDATA "[frac13]"--=fraction one-third-->
<!ENTITY frac23 SDATA "[frac23]"--=fraction two-thirds-->
<!ENTITY frac45 SDATA "[frac45]"--=fraction four-fifths-->
<!ENTITY frac56 SDATA "[frac56]"--=fraction five-sixths-->

<!-- Added 4/00 by pfs for conversion of CME item AGV8488 -->
<!ENTITY that   SDATA "[that  ]"--= crossed thorn abbrev.for that-->

<!--Added on 14 May 2000 from ISOgrk3.ent to accommodate CME item AHB1378 -->
<!ENTITY gamma    SDATA "[gamma ]"--=small gamma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Gamma    SDATA "[Gamma ]"--=capital Gamma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY delta    SDATA "[delta ]"--=small delta, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Delta    SDATA "[Delta ]"--=capital Delta, Greek-->

<!-- Added by Shailender Singh on 26th April, 2000 for AFW5744   -->
<!-- Added 4/00 from ISOlat2.ent to accommodate breve on u and U -->
<!ENTITY ubreve SDATA "[ubreve]"--=small u, breve-->
<!ENTITY Ubreve SDATA "[Ubreve]"--=capital U, breve-->

<!-- Added 4/00 from ISOgrk3.ent -->
<!ENTITY Upsi     SDATA "[Upsi  ]"--=capital Upsilon, Greek-->

<!-- Added 4/00 from ISOcyr1.ent -->
<!ENTITY scy    SDATA "[scy   ]"--=small es, Cyrillic-->

<!-- Added 4/00 from ISOgrk1.ent -->
<!ENTITY rgr    SDATA "[rgr   ]"--=small rho, Greek-->

<!-- Added 4/00 from ISOlat2.ent to accommodate AEH67131 -->
<!ENTITY utilde SDATA "[utilde]"--=small u, tilde-->
<!ENTITY Utilde SDATA "[Utilde]"--=capital U, tilde-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by pfs from isogrk3.ent to allow CME item AHB1378 to parse -->
<!ENTITY epsi     SDATA "[epsi  ]"--=small epsilon, Greek-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by pfs from isonum.ent to get CME item aha2738 to parse -->
<!ENTITY times  SDATA "[times ]"--/times B: =multiply sign-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by pfs from isogrk3.ent to get ajt8111 to parse -->
<!ENTITY lambda   SDATA "[lambda]"--=small lambda, Greek-->
<!ENTITY kappa    SDATA "[kappa ]"--=small kappa, Greek-->
<!ENTITY zeta     SDATA "[zeta  ]"--=small zeta, Greek-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by pfs from isolat2.ent to get ajd3529 to parse -->
<!ENTITY OElig  SDATA "[OElig ]"--=capital OE ligature-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by Apex for CME item AHA2735 -->
<!-- Added from ISOamsb.ent -->
<!ENTITY ocir   SDATA "[ocir  ]"--/circledcirc B: open dot in circle-->
<!-- Added from ISOamsb.ent  -->
<!ENTITY nu       SDATA "[nu    ]"--=small nu, Greek-->
<!ENTITY omega    SDATA "[omega ]"--=small omega, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Omega    SDATA "[Omega ]"--=capital Omega, Greek-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by Apex for CME item AAW7316 -->
<!-- Added from ISOtech.ent -->
<!ENTITY Verbar SDATA "[Verbar]"--/Vert =dbl vertical bar-->
<!-- Added from ISOlat2.ent -->
<!ENTITY edot   SDATA "[edot  ]"--=small e, dot above-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by Apex for CME item AFY7823 -->
<!ENTITY es       SDATA "[es    ]"--="9" shaped abbrev. for "es" -->

<!-- Added 5/00 from isopub.ent by pfs for CME item AFY7823 and future considerations -->
<!ENTITY dagger SDATA "[dagger]"--/dagger B: =dagger-->
<!ENTITY Dagger SDATA "[Dagger]"--/ddagger B: =double dagger-->

<!-- Added 5/00 by Apex for CME item AHB1325 -->
<!-- Added from ISOgrk1.ent -->
<!ENTITY Igr    SDATA "[Igr   ]"--=capital Iota, Greek-->
<!ENTITY ogr    SDATA "[ogr   ]"--=small omicron, Greek-->
<!ENTITY sfgr   SDATA "[sfgr  ]"--=final small sigma, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Tgr    SDATA "[Tgr   ]"--=capital Tau, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Lgr    SDATA "[Lgr   ]"--=capital Lambda, Greek-->
<!ENTITY Ngr    SDATA "[Ngr   ]"--=capital Nu, Greek-->

<!-- Added from ISOgrk3.ent -->
<!ENTITY thetas   SDATA "[thetas]"--straight theta-->
<!ENTITY mu       SDATA "[mu    ]"--=small mu, Greek-->
<!ENTITY xi       SDATA "[xi    ]"--=small xi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY pi       SDATA "[pi    ]"--=small pi, Greek-->
<!ENTITY rho      SDATA "[rho   ]"--=small rho, Greek-->
<!-- NOTE THAT SOME OF THESE WILL NEED TO REGULARIZED LATER, e.g. "rho" vs. "rgr" above -->
<!ENTITY upsi     SDATA "[upsi  ]"--=small upsilon, Greek-->
<!ENTITY phiv     SDATA "[phiv  ]"--/varphi - curly or open phi-->
<!ENTITY psi      SDATA "[psi   ]"--=small psi, Greek-->

<!-- Added 6/00 by Apex from ISOgrk3.ent for CME item afb3713 -->
<!ENTITY Pi       SDATA "[Pi    ]"--=capital Pi, Greek-->
<!-- Added 6/00 by Apex from ISOgrk1.ent for CME item afb3713 -->
<!ENTITY phgr   SDATA "[phgr  ]"--=small phi, Greek-->

<!-- Added 6/00 by Apex from isopub.ent for CME item AHB1341 -->
<!-- (where it is used as an abbreviation of "Ranulphus [Higden]" ) -->
<!ENTITY rx     SDATA "[rx    ]"--=pharmaceutical prescription  (Rx)-->

<!-- Added 7/00 by Apex from ISOtech.ent for CME item AGZ8246 -->
<!-- (they have the form of "therefore" and "because" but not the meaning) -->
<!ENTITY there4 SDATA "[there4]"--/therefore R: =therefore-->
<!ENTITY becaus SDATA "[becaus]"--/because R: =because-->

<!-- Added 10/00 by pfs for CME item AJT8128 -->
<!ENTITY rindx  SDATA "[rindx ]"--=index finger pointing to the right-->
<!ENTITY lindx  SDATA "[lindx ]"--=index finger pointing to the left-->

<!-- Added 10/00 by pfs for CME item AHA2626 -->
<!ENTITY wyn    SDATA "[wyn   ]"--=OE lowercase wyn (used for /w/)-->