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1. Common Name Manuscripts

abbrMS REF attr
Auch Auch NONE Auch (Adv 19.2.1) Auch
Brm Brm NONE Brm (Yale 365) Brm
Elsm Elsm NONE Elsm (EL 26.C.9) Elsm
Fil or Fillingham Fil NONE Fil (Add 37492) Fil
Heng Heng NONE Heng (Peniarth 392 D) Heng
Pcy Pcy NONE Pcy (Add 27879) Pcy
Sim Sim NONE Sim (Add 22283) Sim
Thrn Thrn NONE Thrn (Lincoln Cathedral 91) Thrn
Vrn Vrn NONE Vrn (Eng.poet. a.1) Vrn
Wht Wht NONE Wht (Add 39574) Wht

I'm using what follows as standard LALME entries for some of the above which recur often. N.B. the Auch entry, of course, holds only for Hand A of Auchinleck. For the other Auch hands, see LALME, or the sheet on Auchinleck which I handed out.

<MS REF="Auch"><CITE></CITE><LALME>vol. 1. 88. "Hand A (main hand) &hellip; Language of London/Middx border. Entered in Middx." LP 6510.</LALME></MS>

<MS REF="Thrn"><CITE></CITE><LALME>vol. 1. 98. "The hand of Robert Thornton."</LALME></MS>

<MS REF="Vrn"><CITE></CITE><LALME>vol. 1. 148. "MS in one hand except for the Index." LP 7630. Worcs.</LALME></MS>

<MS REF="Wht"><CITE></CITE><LALME>vol. 1. 102. "Language of Soke or possibly NW Ely."</LALME></MS>

2 General styling guidelines:

Collection abbreviations end without period--LdMisc, Eg, etc. See Bod below for MED abbreviations used. Shelf-marks for most collections will have period but no space between components: a.2, F.34, 26.C.9, etc., but Hnt and Mrg MSS have space and no period: Hnt HM 131, Mrg M 64. Cambridge, Trinity College and St. John's College collections have two sets of numbers; give both in CITE in MSLIST only, in the following order, Trin-C B.12.26 (24), StJ-C C.25 (75); Gonville and Caius has two numbers separated thus: 174/95 (the second is the James catalogue number). POINT OUT FURTHER EXCEPTIONS IF YOU FIND THEM.

MSLIST: Include in the CITE any significant information, which will chiefly be of the type (olim Butler-Bowdon), or (whereabouts unknown), and, occasionally, (now privately owned). (The last of these is used only for MSS known to be in the hands of private collectors who choose not to be identified. Known private collectors like Toshi Takamiya are identified: Mellon, Tak, etc.) Give up to two olim refs, in the sequence most recent owner, earlier owner--not always easy to establish.

Common Name MSS need only the abbreviation Vrn, Heng, as an attribute value. The rest of the information will be supplied from MSLib.

MSGROUP: Supply here abbreviations in the same form as you will use for ABBR below: Mrg M 34, SeldArch B.123. No further information goes here, except for Common Name MSS, which have both familiar abbreviation and official abbreviation/shelf mark, as above in table.

3 Other MSS to watch out for, chiefly for outdated MED abbreviations which need to be replaced. The first group includes outdated MED abbreviations which cover several or many manuscripts.

(i) Groups of MSS which occur often


Follow Phillipps model--replace where possible, adding (olim Ashburnham + number if known) in <CITE>

Ashb 124: replace by Mrg M 249 (olim Ashburnham 124). This is now Pierpont Morgan Library M 249, olim Ashburnham 124 (P&B uses for YkPlays)

Ashb 126: replace by ChU 564 (olim Ashburnham 126). This is now Chicago, University of Chicago Library 564, olim Ashburnham 126 (see Benson, Chaucer 1119)

Ashb 127: replace by McCl 181 (olim Ashburnham 127). This is now McClean 181, olim Ashburnham 127 (CTales)

Ashb 130: replace by Hnt HM 128 (olim Ashburnham 130). This is now San Marino, Huntington HM 128, olim Ashburnham 130 (PConsc., PPl., SJerus. --LALME)

Ashb 133: replace by Hnt HM 744 (olim Ashburnham 133). This is now San Marino, Huntington HM 744, olim Ashburnham 133. (contains Hoccleve).

Ashb 135: replace by McCl 131 (olim Ashburnham 135). This is now Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, McClean 131 (olim Ashburnham 135) (PConsc? --LALME 1.63)

Ashb 137: replace by Add 35290 (see LALME vol. 1. 102)

Manual 8, p. 2820 in list of prose Brut MSS, ids several Ashburnham MSS

Lindberg St. Neophil 42 (1970) 333-47 covers a number of Ashb MSS containing WBible. Ashb 1=Rylands 81, Ashb 2=Rylands 80, Ashb 3=Rylands 77, Ashb 4=Rylands 79, Ashb 5=Rylands 78, Ashb 6=Rylands 84.


HntElsm: replace by <MS attr> Hnt <CITE> EL 26 c.9 (or whatever) <MSGROUP>Hnt EL 26 c.9 <ABBR> Hnt EL 26 c.9>

HntHm: replace by <MS attr> Hnt <CITE> HM 123 <MSGROUP>Hnt HM 123 <ABBR> Hnt HM 123 >

HntHu: replace by <MS attr> Hnt <CITE> HU 123 <MSGROUP>Hnt HU 123 <ABBR> Hnt HU 123>

Halliwell: replacement determined by Hal shelfmark and current home if known

If we do not know where the MS is now, retain Hal abbr. as below (invented)

<MS attr>Hal <CITE>123 (whereabouts unknown) <MSGROUP> Hal 123 <ABBR> Hal 123

Replace, where possible, keeping the olim Hal + number reference, if known, as below:

Hal 219 becomes:

<MS attr>Eg <CITE>826 (olim Hal 219) <MSGROUP> Eg 826 <ABBR> Eg 826

Replace, where necessary, as below, a special case, where the MS is privately owned.

<MS attr>Hal <CITE>335 (now privately owned) <MSGROUP> Hal 335 <ABBR> Hal 335

Phillipps MSS

There are many Phil MSS. Replace by current repository wherever possible, adding (olim Phillipps + number if known), retaining Phil + number if not, with (whereabouts unknown) if appropriate. Below is a preliminary list (not all of which may be used) and which will probably need to be augmented as we go. Numerical index to Phillipps MSS in Munby, A. N. L. , The Disposal of the Phillipps Library, CUP 1960. Special Collections Z989.P55 v .5.

(1) If we do not know where the MS is now, retain Phil abbr. as below (invented example):

<MS attr>Phil <CITE>231 (whereabouts unknown) <MSGROUP> Phil 231 <ABBR> Phil 231

(2) Replace, where possible, recording the olim Phil shelf-mark, if known, as below (invented examples):

<MS attr>Hnt <CITE>HM 123 (olim Phillipps 4321) <MSGROUP> Hnt HM 123 <ABBR> Hnt HM 123

<MS attr>Hnt <CITE>HU 123 (olim Phillipps 4322) <MSGROUP> Hnt HU 123 <ABBR> Hnt HU 123

Phil 1054=MSU 1 (This is Michigan State Univ 1, contains Meditations on Life of Christ. See LALME 1.139.) MED abbreviation is MSC, replaced in MSLib by MSU.

Phil 2180 =Hnt HM 266 (Scale of Perf--see LALME)

Phil 2706=ChU 254 (Chicago, University of Chicago 254 (olim Phillipps 2706, olim Nuton) (Page, SRouen)

Phil 3338=Yale 593 (New Haven, Yale, Beinecke 593. See Hamer, p. 61)

Phil 4254=Rsnb 439/16 (Philadelphia, Rosenbach Museum and Library, MS 439/16 (olim Phillipps 4254 ) Lydgate, Fall of Princes.)

Phil 6570=Tex-U 46 (Austin, University of Texas Library. Chaucer, CT, see Benson 1118. Add to MSLib if needed. See Benson also for Phil 8136, 8299, 9970)

Phil 7157=Plim 268 (See Severs 2.IV.37)

Phil 8122=Min-U Z.822 N.81 (Univ Minn Z.822 N.81 (Severs 9.3544, LALME 1.139)

Phil 8137=Rsnb 1084/1 (Philadelphia, Rosenbach Museum and Library)

Phil 8151=Hnt HM 111 (Hoccleve holograph--see LALME)

Phil 8192=Tay ? (Princeton UL, Taylor Coll (CAmantis) In Griffiths and Pearsall, see Edwards and Pearsall p. 274, n.29)

Phil 8244: Treat as (1) above unless we trace it. Add (whereabouts unknown) in <CITE> ("Alchemy-- Not established" Index Suppl. 516)

Phil 8254= Add 38010 (Reg. ME Rel. Verse 1, 420)

Phil 8306=Amherst 46 (olim Phillipps 8306). (IMEV Suppl. ) Sotheby Sale, Dec. 12, 1911, Lot 760

Phil 8820=Tak 4 (Tokyo, Toshiyushi Takamiya 4. See Hamer, p. 61)

Phil 8321=Hnt HM 137 (PPl--see LALME)

Phil 8336=Add 46919 (See Hamer, p. 61)

Phil 8857= Hnt HM 113 Brut (See Lesley Morris, Rosenbach Abroad, 41-3)

Phil 8858= Hnt HM 136 Brut (See Lesley Morris, Rosenbach Abroad, 41-3)

Phil 9302= Yale 125 (Wycliffite Bible), see Yale online catalogue

Phil 9412=Hnt HM 139 (PConsc--see LALME)

Phil 11929=Hnt HM 502 (devotional treatises--see LALME)

Phil 12086=Mellon MS (see IPMEP 485)

Phil 13783=Clermont (1869) 1 517-8 ( see IPMEP 105)

Phil 20420=Huntington HM 129 (Severs 9.3544)

Phil 24309=Hnt HM 55 Capgrave, St Norbert (See Lesley Morris, Rosenbach Abroad, 41-3)

See De Ricci, esp. indexes, Lesley Morris, Rosenbach Abroad, 41-3 for others, also IMEV Suppl. Appendix. Various Phil MSS turn up in Manual treatment of prose Brut, vol. 8, 2819ff. (Phil 9486, 8857, 8858, 3784, 2706, 2307, et al.). See Benson CT also for Phil 8136, 8299, 9970

Takamiya, various (cf LALME vol. 1.161). Check Sion, Penrose, Chet, etc. in alphabetical listing below.

Tak 22=Tokyo, Toshiyuki Takamiya 22 (see Benson, Ch. 1119))

Tak 23=Tokyo, Toshiyuki Takamiya 23 (olim Sion Arc. L.40.2/E.76) (see Hanna 350, a PPl. MS)

Tak 32=Tokyo, Toshiyuki Takamiya 32 (olim Penrose,olimDelamere) (CTales)

Tak 38=Tokyo, Toshiyuki Takamiya 32 (olim Honeyman) (Secreta Secretorum--LALME)

Tak 59= Tokyo, Toshiyuki Takamiya 59 (olim Chet 27092) (Chauliac --see LALME)

(ii) Other MSS