Middle English Hyperbibliography

Working Directory Structure

File last modified Thursday, 06-Aug-1998 19:19:23 EDT
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Please note the distinction between files in "available" and the files in "unavailable": do not work on files in the "unavailable" directory. If you wish to work on one of the "available" files, copy it to your machine, and MOVE THE NETWARE VERSION TO THE UNAVAILABLE DIRECTORY.

 \_ dox         ...contains all general documentation
 |   \
 |    \_web            ...contains html documentation
 |_ now         ...contains recent changes, plus folders that
 |   |             contain the most recent versions,
 |   \             divided in two groups:
 |    |_available      ...contains files not checked out
 |    |                   to be worked on
 |    |_unavailable    ...contains files checked out to
 |    |                   be worked on
 |    |_combos     ...contains most recent combined file for
 |                    public-access indexing
 |_ then        ...contains all Hyperbib files except the
      |            most recent working versions of HB
      |            batches.
      |_ add        ...ADD-card files
      |_ ps         ...Plan&Bib + Supplement. files
      |_ psa        ...P&B + Supp + Add  files 
      |                for possible later MED use.
      \_ asp        ...Merged asp files, by level of processing:
       |_ lev2      ...Level-2 "merged" files.
       |_ HBa       ...full hb files in process
Note: the "now" directory is mirrored in limited-access netware
      space (\mec\admin) in order to protect the canonical versions.
Note: code can be found in the directory mecode, sibling to meb:

  \_ dtds           ...contains dtds
  |_ styles         ...contains ae & panorama stylesheets
  |_ navigators     ...contains panorama navigators
  |_ rules          ...contains ae rules files
  |_ perl
     \_meb          ...contains perl scripts for Hyperbib

pfs 23 April 98; rev. June 98