Middle English Compendium: Kalamazoo 1998

The files in this directory contain "slides" used to illustrate the presentation of the MEC at the 33rd International Medieval Studies Conference, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, May, 1998.

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  1. MEC: interrelated parts of a whole (Frances McSparran)
  2. MEC: parts and whole, 1997-99 (Frances McSparran)
  3. MEC: building links and connections (Frances McSparran)
  4. MEC: main web page (Frances McSparran)
  5. e-MED: text of the e-MED (Paul Schaffner)
  6. e-MED: searchable regions and features (Paul Schaffner)
  7. e-MED: an e-MED entry on the web (Paul Schaffner)
  8. HyperBibliography (David Ruddy)
  9. HyperBib: MED bibliography entry (David Ruddy)
  10. HyperBib: HyperBib entry (David Ruddy)
  11. HyperBib: HyperBib showing added material (David Ruddy)
  12. Corpus of Middle English (Christina Powell)
  13. Corpus of ME sample search (Christina Powell)
  14. MEC: Useful addresses and staff

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