Book-by-book coding instructions

ID #ALT5980
TITLE: Scottish Alliterative Poems in Riming Stanzas
ED.  F. J. Amours
PUBLISHED: Scottish Text Society, 1891-2 and 1896-7


En-face? Yes. Parallel versions are sometimes presented on
         facing pages (see below).

Key and code the following pages:

  1. Title page (front only)
     = IMAGE 00000007.tif
  2. Main text and appendix 
     = pp. [1]-114, [116]-187 and [190]-245.
     = IMAGES 00000097.tif-00000210.tif and
       IMAGES 00000212.tif-00000283.tif and
       IMAGES 00000286.tif-00000341.tif


  <FRONT> contains only the title page.
  <BODY> contains the main text
    are used to separate the five poems edited in
    this book:
    (1) Golagros and Gawane (pp. [1]-46)
    (2) Buke of the Howlat  (pp. [47]-81)
    (3) Rauf Coil3ear       (pp. [82]-114)
    (4) Awntyrs off Arthure (pp. [116]-171)
    (5) Pistill of Susan    (pp. [172]-187, [190]-245)
    are used in poems (4) and (5) only, to separate
    the various manuscript versions of these poems.
      In poem (4), Awntyrs off Arthure:
          (1) the version from Douce MS 324 appears
              on even-numbered pages [116]-170
          (2) the version from the Thornton MS appears
              on odd-numbered pages [117]-171
      In poem (5), The Pistill of Susan:
          (1) the version from the Vernon MS appears
              on all pp. [172]-187.
          (2) the "A" version (from Additional MS 22283)
              appears in the upper portion of the even-
              numbered pages [190]-244.
          (3) the "I" version (from the Ingilby MS)
              appears in the lower portion of the even-
              numbered pages [190]-244.
          (4) the "P" version (from Phillips MS 8252)
              appears in the upper portion of the odd-
              numbered pages 191-245.
          (5) the "C" version (from MS Caligula A.2)
              appears in the lower portion of the odd-
              numbered pages 191-245.
              |                  |                    |
              |                  |                    |
              |       A          |        P           |
              |                  |                    |
              |                  |                    |
              |    --------      |     --------       |
              |                  |                    |
              |                  |                    |
              |       I          |        C           |
              |                  |                    |
              |                  |                    |
              |                  |                    |
                  even-numbered       odd-numbered


  All of the poems contain numbered stanzas. Record these
  with the <LG> tag, preserving the number both as the
  heading for the <LG> and as the value of the "N"
  attribute of the <LG> tag:
  <LG N="8">
  <L>&THORN;e fyge and &thorn;e filbert were fode med so fayre</L>

  Folio references appear in small type in the margins 
  and look like this:

Fol. 2. = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="2a">
Fol. 2 b. = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="2b">
Fol. 3. = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="3a">
Fol. 3 b. = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="3b">


  Most of the notes are footnotes linked to the text by 
  line number, and should be treated in the usual way
  (recorded as <NOTE PLACE="foot"> and placed in the
  text at the end of the indicated line).
  The notes to poem (4) are a problem. They spread
  across the foot of both facing pages, and apply
  simultaneously to both versions. For simplicity's
  sake, attach the notes at the bottom of both
  pages only to the Thornton version (which appears 
  on the odd-numbered pages.)