Book-by-book coding instructions

ID #AGV8488
TITLE: Die Winteney-Version der Regula S. Benedicti
ED. M. M. Arnold Schröer
PUBLISHED: Halle : Max Niemeyer, 1888


YES. Facing-page Latin original (even-numbered pages) and Middle English translation (odd-numbered pages). Key only the English.

Key and code the following pages:

  1. Title page (front only)
    = IMAGE 00000001.tif

  2. Main text = odd-numbered pp. [1]-9 and 13-147
    = odd numbered IMAGES 00000031-0000037.tif
    and odd numbered IMAGES 00000041.tif-00000175.tif



  1. Folio references appear in parentheses in the margin, like this:

    (55a) = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="55a">
    (55b) = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="55b">
    (58a) = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="58a">
    (58b) = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="58b">
    (59a) = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="59a">
    (59b) = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="59b">
    (60a) = <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="60a">

  2. Cross-references appear at the bottom of each page in brackets, like this:

    [O 3,18-5,4.]
    [A 9,1-10,6.]
    [A 10,7-11,20.]

    Record these as milestones, placing the tag immediately after page-break tag at the head of the page, like this, using the initial "A" or "O" as the value of the "REND" attribute:

         <PB N="7"><MILESTONE REND="O" N="3,18-5,4">
         <PB N="15"><MILESTONE REND="A" N="10,7-11,20">
         <PB N="17"><MILESTONE REND="A" N="11,20-13,14">


Footnotes are linked to the line number. Place the <NOTE PLACE="foot"> element in the text at the end of the indicated line, but do not record the line number itself.

Character problems

This is a very early text somewhat unusually printed. Note the existence of the following letter forms, especially the upright lowercase "eth" and the crossed thorn (which is an abbreviation for "that"):

CharacterLooks like:Record as:
Upper case eth &ETH;
Lower case eth &eth;
Upper case yogh &YOGH;
Lower case yogh &yogh;
Tironian "et" &amp;
Upper case thorn &THORN;
Crossed thorn &that;