Book-by-book coding instructions

ID #AJE0623
TITLE: S. Editha sive Chronicon Vilodunense
ED.  C. Horstmann
PUBLISHED: Heilbronn, 1883


En-face? NO.

Key and code the following pages:

  1. Title page (front only; back is blank)
     = IMAGE 00000001.tif
  2. Main text   = pp.1-111
     = IMAGES 00000009.tif-00000119.tif


  <FRONT> contains only the title page.
  <BODY> contains the main text
    No <DIV>s are necessary.
    This is a poem in four-line stanzas, marked by indentation.
    Record these with line-group (<LG>) tags.

  Folio references appear in the margins and look like this:
  fol. 194    =   <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="194">
  fol. 195    =   <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="195">
  fol. 196    =   <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="196">

  (1) Most notes are footnotes, keyed to the line numbers of the
      verse. Place the note at the end of the line indicated,
      omitting the line number itself from the note, and adding
      the attribute PLACE="foot".
  (2) A few notes are keyed to more than one line, e.g. on p.1:
         97 u. 105) Engestis in Engistis corr.
        Place a copy of this note at the end of *both* line 97 *and*
        line 105. Or on p. 93:
         4196 u. 8) &thorn;ere u. þo arere über Rasur.
        Place a copy of this note at the end of *both* line 
        4196 *and* line 4198.
  (3) Some notes are keyed to a range of lines. Place these in the
      text as closely as possible to where they apply. E.g., p.9:
         4396 ff.) Bl. unrichtig gyns, 4409 gynyd.
        Place this note at the end of line 4396, with the line
        number in the note itself *preserved*. Likewise, p.91:
         4075-4318) Dieses auf deutschem Boden spielende Mir. betrifft
         die Sage vom Veitstanz.
        Place this note at the end of line 4318, with the line
        number range in the note itself *preserved*.
  (3) A few words and phrases appear in small type in the margins, e.g.,
      "Miraculum." (p. 74); "Cronica Cistrensis" (p. 12); "Sompnium miraculosum"
      (p. 43). Encode these as usual with <NOTE PLACE="marg">,
      placed at the end of the corresponding verse line.