Book-by-book coding instructions

ID # AJF7399
TITLE: The Psalter or Psalms of David and Certain Canticles
ED.  Richard Rolle
PUBLISHED: Oxford at the Clarendon Press (1884)


En-face? NO.

Key and code the following pages:

  	1. Title page (front only)  = p.[iii]   
  	   = IMAGE 00000001.tif
  	2. Main text                = p.[1]-526 
  	   = IMAGES 00000023.tif-00000548.tif

	contains the title page.
	contains most of the book, divided into two major divisions (<DIV1>s), 
	"Commentary on the Psalter" (1-493) and "Commentary
	on the Canticles" (494-526).  

	with TYPE="part" are used to separate "Commentary on the Psalter" (1-493) 
	from the "Commentary on the Canticles" (494-526).

  	with TYPE="psalm" are used to mark each psalm in
	"Commentary on the Psalter."  <DIV2>s with TYPE="canticle" are
	used to mark each canticle in "Commentary on  the Canticles."  
	Psalms and canticles can be identified by centered headings 
	in caps.

	with TYPE="verse" are used to divide the verses within each psalm and
	canticle. Verses are identified by a sentence in bold at the beginning 
	of a paragraph, sometime indented, sometimes not, sometimes numbered, 
	sometimes not. In a few instances, there is a line break between two 
	verses (pp.417, for example).  These breaks should be ignored and tags 
	should continue as <DIV3>s as necessary.  


	Editorial notes appear at the bottom of the page, keyed 
	to the text by superscripted footnote numbers. Omit the 
	superscripted footnote numbers from both the note and 
	the text and, as usual, embed the notes at the 
	appropriate place in the text.