Book-by-book coding instructions

ID # AJT8124
TITLE: The Vision of William concerning Piers Plowman
ED.  Walter W. Skeat
PUBLISHED: Early English Text Society 28, 38, 54


En-face? NO.

Key and code the following pages:

  1. Text =	pp.1-141*   = images 00000053.tif-00000193.tif
		pp.1-385    = images 00000283.tif-00000667.tif
		pp.1-447    = images 00000839.tif-00001285.tif
		pp.469-503  = images 00001307.tif-00001341.tif
		pp.523-529  = images 00001361.tif-00001367.tif

	Please note that printed page numbering restarts with the beginning
	of each of the first three sections.  Printed page numbering that 
	begins in the third section, however, continues on through the fourth
	and fifth sections.  

	This book consists of five text sections.  The first three sections
	are revised versions of Piers Plowman.  The fourth and fifth are
	individual poems, respectively, "Richard the Redeles" and "The
	Crowned King." 
	Please note that because the first three sections each have their
	own title page, we are omitting *all* title pages to avoid confusion.  	

	contains the text of the book, separated into five
    	major divisions (<DIV1>s), Text A (pp.1-141*), Text B (pp.1-385), 
	Text C (pp.1-447), "Richard the Redeles" (pp. 469-503),
	and "The Crowned King" (pp. 523-529).

	with TYPE="version" are used to identify Text A (pp.1-141*), 
	Text B (pp.1-385), and Text C (pp.1-447).  <DIV1>s with TYPE=
	"poem" are used to identify "Richard the Redeles (pp. 469-503) 
	and "The Crowned King" (pp. 523-529).

  	with TYPE="passus" are used to mark each passus within
	each <DIV1>.  These are identified by centered headings. Note 
	that the final <DIV1>, "The Crowned King," contains no 

	The paragraph in modern English at the beginnng of "The Crowned King" 
	should be included also.  Please see below ("Notes").


	are in bold and are located in the margins of Text B (pp.1-385)
	and Text C (pp.1-447). They mark page references for the preceding 
	versions of Piers Plowman. <MILESTONE> tags should be
	placed at the end of the line of text next to which the number 

	If the milestone is a number with no letter or a number with a 
	letter "A," the REND value should be set as "A." A number with a 
	letter "B" should have a REND value of "B."  For example,
	86 	=  <MILESTONE UNIT="page" REND="A" N="86">
	A 47 	=  <MILESTONE UNIT="page" REND="A" N="47">
	B 113	=  <MILESTONE UNIT="page" REND="B" N="113">


     (1) The modern English paragraph that appears after the 
	heading of "The Crowned King" (pp.523-524) should be included.
	The entire passage should be tagged as a .

     (2) Editorial notes appear at the bottom of the page, keyed 
	to the text by superscripted footnote numbers. Omit the 
	superscripted footnote numbers from both the note and 
	the text and, as usual, embed the notes at the 
	appropriate place in the text.