Book-by-book coding instructions

ID # ACM9160
TITLE: An Apology for Lollard Doctrines, attributed to Wicliffe.
ED. James Henthorn Todd
PUBLISHED: Camden Society publications 20 (1842)


En-face? NO.

Key and code the following pages:

  1. Title page (both sides)        = pp. [i-ii]
  2. Main text                      = pp. 1-113

  This item consists of a small amount of <FRONT> matter
  (the title page), followed by the <BODY> 
  of the text, which contains a 31 top-level <DIV1>s,
  corresponding to the numbered chapters or
  sections of the prose. 
  The first chapter is a preface,  unnumbered:
  <P>Here are questions and ansueris putte &thorn;at are writun here
  <P>First, I witnes bifor God ...
  The subsequent chapters are numbered and titled in the margin, e.g.:
  ... punishid perpe|tuali.</P></DIV1>
  <DIV1 TYPE="chapter" N="1">
  <HEAD>I. The Pope not the vicar of Crist nor of Pe|tir</HEAD>
  <P>On &thorn;at is put is &thorn;is; &thorn;at &thorn;e pope is not ...
  on &thorn;e pople and on &thorn;e prestis.</P></DIV1>
  <DIV1 N="2">
  <PB N="7">
  <HEAD>II. Indulg. That the Pope sellith indulgence. That he may &yogh;ef 
        non indul|gence nei|ther to man in purga|tori, nei|ther to hem
        that are prescit.</HEAD>
  <P>O&thorn;er two poyntis &thorn;at are put and askid are &thorn;eis.
     On, &thorn;at &thorn;e pope selli&thorn; indulgence. ...
  ... to gidir in trow&thorn;.</P></DIV1>
  <DIV1 TYPE="chapter" N="3">
  <HEAD>III. Of cursing twey points. 1. &thorn;at &thorn;e ministris of &thorn;e
        kirk owe not to curse. 2. &thorn;at &thorn;e kirke may not ri&yogh;t|wisly
        curse a ri&yogh;twys man.</HEAD>
  <P>Of cursing twey poynts.</P>
  <P>A no&thorn;er is &thorn;is &thorn;at is put and askid, &thorn;at &thorn;o
     ministris of &thorn;e kirke owe not to curse and to wari.</P>
 Smaller divisions
    Paragraph breaks should be recorded with <P>.
    The numerals 1-18 in the margin, pp. 76-80, should be omitted.

  This book contains no folio references or similar milestone

  Notes appear in italics in the margin. Place these in <NOTE PLACE="marg">
  tags and insert them in the text at the end of the line next to which they
  are printed, unless it is possible to assign them to a more specific spot
  in the text.

  A number of abbreviation marks appear, including:
  Jhu (with a curved stroke through the upright of the "h")
  (e.g. on p. 3). Record this as $Jhu$
  An abbreviation mark shaped like a numeral "9"
  (e.g. in "tend9" on p. 2). Record this as an unknown character