Book-by-book coding instructions

ID # AFW5744
TITLE: The Ormulum, vols. 1-2
ED. Robert Holt (with the notes of R. M. White)
PUBLISHED: Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1878


En-face? NO.

Key and code the following pages:

  1. Title page to vol. 1 
    (recto only; verso blank)        = p. [iii]
  2. Title page to vol. 2 
    (both sides; errata on verso)    = unnumbered page
    [place the second title page 
     after the first]

  3. Text of the DEDICATION          = 12-1/2 unnumbered pages 
                                       headed "DEDICATION" in vol.1
                                       [overlapping with:]
  4. Text of the TEXTS               = 27-1/2 unnumbered pages
                                       headed "TEXTS" in vol. 1
  5. Text of the author's
     (not the editor's) PREFACE      = 4 unnumbered pages
                                       headed "PREFACE" in vol. 1
  6. Text of the INTRODUCTION        = 4 unnumbered pages 
                                       headed "INTRODUCTION" in vol. 1
  7. Text of the HOMILIES            = numbered pages 1-357 of vol. 1
                                       and pages 1-346 of vol. 2

  This item consists of a small amount of <FRONT> matter
  (the title pages and errata), followed by the <BODY> 
  of the text, consisting of five top-level
  divisions, which correspond to the DEDICATION, TEXTS, 

  <DIV1 type="dedication">

    [supply <HEAD> since there is none in the text]
     Code this section as a <LIST>, like this:
       <ITEM>Fuit in diebus Herodis regis Judee sacerdos quidam nomine Zacharyas.</ITEM>
       <ITEM>Dixit Zacharyas ad Angelum, Unde hoc sciam? ego enim sum senex.</ITEM>
       <ITEM>Missus est Angelus Gabriel a Deo in civitatem Galilee.</ITEM>

  <DIV1 TYPE="preface">

  <DIV1 TYPE="introduction">
  <HEAD>[Introduction]</HEAD>   [supply <HEAD> since none in text]
   <L><MILESTONE UNIT="col" N="1">All mannkinn, fra &thorn;att Adam wass</L>
   <L>&THORN;urrh Drihhtin wrohht off eor&thorn;e,</L>
   <L>An&amacr; till &thorn;att itt cumenn wass</L>
  <HEAD>[Homilies]</HEAD>       [supply <HEAD> since none in text]
     <Q>Fuit in diebus Herodis Regis Judee sacerdos quidam nomine Zacharias.</Q>
     <L>An preost wass onn Herodess da&yogh;&yogh;</L>
     <L N="110">Amang Judisskenn &thorn;eode,</L>
    Subdivide the homilies into <DIV2>s wherever there is biblical quotation
    that serves as a heading. Code these head-of-section quotations as
    <EPIGRAPH>, as shown above. Here is another example from p. 91 of vol. 1:
    <L>He&yogh;hesst off alle shaffte.</L>
    <Q>Exsurgens Maria abiit in montana cum festinatione.</Q>
    <L N="2685">Itt se&yogh;&yogh;&thorn; &thorn;att Sannte Mar&yogh;e f&omacr;r</L>
    <L>Wi&thorn;&thorn; mikell hih &thorn;att we&yogh;&yogh;e,</L>
  Smaller divisions
    Smaller divisions in the verse are marked by blank
    lines. Use line groups (<LG>) to encode these divisions.
    Example (on p. 93 of vol. 1):
    <L N="2730">To brukenn [eche] blisse. Am&aelig;n.</L>
    <L>&THORN;att tatt te laffdi&yogh; Mar&yogh;e f&omacr;r,</L>
    <L>Swa summ &thorn;e Goddspell ki&thorn;e&thorn;&thorn;,</L>

  Column references appear at the bottom of the page, keyed
  to the text by an asterisk or (occasionally) a dagger or other
  flag, like this (on p. 203 of vol. 1)
    * Col. 146.
    + Col. 147.
    Record as:
    <MILESTONE UNIT="col" N="146">
    <MILESTONE UNIT="col" N="147">
 Place the <MILESTONE> tag within the text at the point
 marked by the asterisk or dagger, removing the flag
 character itself from both text and reference.
   * Forr kallf wass, wiss to fulle soþ,
   + Johan þe Goddspell wrihhte,

 Record as:

   <L><MILESTONE UNIT="col" N="146">Forr kallf wass, wiss to fulle so&thorn;,</L>
   <L><MILESTONE UNIT="col" N="147">Johan &thorn;e Goddspell wrihhte,</L>


  Editorial notes are rare, mostly related to
  missing text, and mostly appearing at the bottom
  of the page. Treat these in the usual way as
  <NOTE PLACE="foot">. Some notes appear in brackets
  between sections of text. Treat these as 
  <NOTE PLACE="inline">

  This book contains a number of odd characters, especially
  1. vowels topped by a slightly tilted straight line, midway
     between an acute accent and a horizontal macron. 
     Treat these as macrons:
  2. vowels topped by a *pair* of slightly tilted straight
     lines. Treat these as two macrons, like this:
  3. vowels topped by a curved line with the ends pointed
     up. Treat these with the separate entity &breve;
  4. The vaguely "7"-shaped character that stands by itself.
     This is the so-called "Tironian 'et'" and should be recorded
     as an ampersand (&amp;).
Missing text in fragments

  The last few pages contain text that has been mostly lost.
  They look like this (p.346 of v.2):
    W  .  .  .  .  .                      20055
    Þ .  . þatt witt tu wel
    .  sp  .  ghe
    .  Joh . fē¯t . te .
   Record this just as it appears, using spaced periods to
   represent the dots of the printed book:
     <L N="20055">W  .  .  .  .  .</L>
     <L>&THORN; .  . &thorn;att witt tu wel</L>
     <L>.  sp  .  ghe</L>
     <L>.  Joh . f&emacr;&macr;t . te .</L>