Book-by-book coding instructions

ID # AHA2626
TITLE: The Lay of Havelok the Dane
ED. Walter W. Skeat
SERIES: Early English Text Society Extra Series 4 (1868)


En-face? NO.

Key and code the following pages:

  Title page (recto and verso) 
  Text = pp. 1-86


  This item consists of a small amount of <FRONT> matter
  (the title page and errata), followed by the <BODY> 
  of the text, consisting of a single <DIV1>, broken up into
  line groups (<LG>).

  <DIV1><HEAD>Incipit vita Hauelok, quondam Rex
              Anglie et Denemarchie.</HEAD>
  <L>Herknet to me, gode men,</L>
  <L>Wiues, maydnes, and alle men,</L>
  <L>Of a tale &thorn;at ich you wile telle,</L>
  <L N="4">Wo so it wile here, and &thorn;er-to duelle.</L>


  Smaller divisions and headings
    Smaller divisions in the verse are marked by blank
    lines and large initial capitals; occasionally also by 
    blank lines and paragraph markers (¶) Use line 
    groups (<LG>) to encode these divisions.
    (p. 5, division marked by blank line and initial cap)
    <L>Me &thorn;ou ich were in heuene-riche!"</L>
    <L>Quanne he hauede &thorn;is pleinte maked,</L>
    <L>&THORN;er-after stronglike [he] quaked.</L>
    <L N="136">He sende writes sone on-on</L>
    (p. 4, division marked by blank line and ¶)
    <L>&THORN;at euere woneth in ai &thorn;ede.</L>
    <L>&para; &THORN;e king was hoten a&thorn;elwold,</L>
    <L>Of word, of wepne he was bold;</L>


  Folio references are recorded in the margin in square brackets;
  they look like this:
    [Fol. 204, col.1]
    [Fol. 204, col.2]
    [Fol. 204 b, col.1]
    [Fol. 204 b, col.2]

  Record these as:
    <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="204a:1">
    <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="204a:2">
    <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="204b:1">
    <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="204b:2">
 Place the <MILESTONE> tag within the text at end of the
 line alongside which the folio reference appears in
 the book.
   [Fol. 204 b, col.1]   And lete him [knawe] of hise hand-dede,

 Record as:

   <L>And lete him [knawe] of hise hand-dede,
   <MILESTONE UNIT="folio" N="204b:1"></L>


  Editorial notes appear at the bottom of the page, keyed
  to the text by footnote numbers. Treat these as <NOTE
  PLACE="foot"> as specified by the Guidelines.