A Transcription of MS Oxf. Bodl. Laud Misc. 210

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[fol 114r] Frend in crist as seynt poule seiþ· We ne hauen | here no cyte· þat is dwelling· but we sechen | on þat is to come here after· And þerfore me | þinkeþ þat we schulden ben longyng þiderward | alle þe tyme of oure lyf· wiþ al oure power· Siþ | we han no rest ne non abydyng but þere· But | more harme is I knowe no3t a ri3t þe weye þe | weye toward þis place· & þerfore I preye þe þat þou | telle me þe weye toward þis place· Dere frend | oure lord & oure mayster iesu crist seyde to his | disciples þat he hym siluen is the weye toward | heuene & he is truþe þat ledeþ vs sykurly in | oure weye & he is sykurly lyf þat makeþ vs | lyue in soule whyles we ben in þis world· & after | þat lyf he wil bringe vs to ablisful lif þat | schal lasten withouten ende boþe in body & in soule· | frend or þan þou passe ferþer I preye þe what is | þat lyf of soule & telle wheþir alle men han | þis lif· Sire aman is made to þre manere of | liues þe first lif is þe lif of þe body· & þis | lif han boþe goodemen & schrewis·¬¬þe secun|de lif is of þe soule· & þat is to lyuen out | of synne Of þis lif crist spekeþ in þe gospel | þer as he seiþ but aman be born eft sones he | ne may not entren in to þe kyngdom· of heue|ne·¬¬þe first bering of aman is·· whan he is | I born in to a bodyliche lyuyng of his moder | wombe· But he is borun eft sones of water [fol 114v] &of þe holygost into a lyf of soule· And þat be|ryng is whan a child or a man is I fulled·· & vn|derfongeþ cristene mennes be leue· & for sakeþ þe | deuel & his werkes þat ben synnes ¬¬And þis | lif of soule mankynde hadde no3t from þe tyme | þat adam hadde I synned in paradys in to þe comyng | of crist· for as seynt poule seiþ· Deth regnede | from adam to moyses· & synne regnede from | moyses in to þe tyme of grace þat was I 3eue be | crist· Ne al þe ri3twisnes of alle þe olde lawe | ne sacrifices þat weren I doon for mannes synne | ne prechyng ne preeyer of prophetes ne of prestes ne | mi3t not make man kynde clene of his synne | And þerfore oure fadur of heuene sente his ow|ne sone adoun in to þe erþe to fulfille þe lawe | & þe prophetes & so he dide· for þer as a man ne | myhte noþer be þe lawe ne be þe prophetes ben | I iustified of his synne· he of his grace & no3t | of oure ri3twisnes· ne of oure disseruyng· | for 3af alle þilk men her synnes þat bi leue|den in hym & brou3te hem from deþ of syn|ne in to lif of soule· for as crist seiþ who þat | be leueþ in me þof he be ded he schal lyue & | who þat lyueþ & be leueþ in me·· he schal ne|uere dye & who þat haþ þis lif of soule· whyles | he is in þis world· he schal come after þat | he is ded to an endeles lif of blis boþe in bo|dy & in soule· and seynt poule seiþ¬ alle disee|ses þat we mown suffre in þe tyme þat now | is· ne be not worþi to þe blisse þat is to comen | here aftur & schal be schewed in vs¬ & þerfore | he seiþ nouþer deþ ne lyf ne angeres [?augeres; ?read: angeles] ne [fol 115r] tribulaciouns ¬ ne no þing þat now is ¬ ne þat is gonne· ne | þat is to comen her after·· may departen vs from | þe charite þat is in iesu crist· frend as me þinkeþ | þis lif of soule þis lif of soule þat is for sakyng | of synne·· is þe ri3t weye to heuene· but we ben | ful vnstabul & ful vnconyng to go þis weye· & we | han strong temptaciouns & strong enemyes· as þe de|uel & þe world & oure owne fleshe þat euere more temp|teþ vs to synne· And þer fore we moten putte vs | fulliche in þe mercy of god· & þof we lyue not so per|fytliche as he tau3t vs·· & as he lyuede hym silf | we hopen to ben saued· for he seiþ hym self who | þat be leueþ & is cristened schal be sauid Sir in | summe þinges 3e seye ful soþe¬bot it is not al soþe | as 3e hopen in 3owre seying· Soþe it is þat þe ri3t | weye to heuene is for sakyng of synne· & þer | comeþ no man to heuene·· but he go þis wey· and | forsakynge of synne· is no more but þe kepyng | of goddis hestis & of his wordis & leuyng alle | þilk þinges þat god forbedeþ And soth it is þat | þis is an hard wey & a streyt· for as crist seiþ | it is a streyt weye þat ledeþ a man to heuene lif | & fewe þer ben þat fynden þat weye & a brode | wey it is þat ledeþ aman to perdicioun & to deth & | ful many þer ben þat fynden þilk weye ful soþe | it is also þat we ben vnstable & vncunnyng & | þat we han strong enemyes & strong temptaciouns | also But it is certeyn 3if we desire wisdome | of god & stabulnes to a3enstonde synne· god wil | 3euen vs þat we axen· so þat we axen trustiliche | ffor crist seiþ ¬ 3e þat ben wicked & yuul wollen 3euen | 3oure childeren good þinges whan þei axen 3ow gode· | & myche more wille 3oure heuenliche fadur 3euen [fol 115v] hem a goode spiri3t þat axen hit of heim & þerfore | he seiþ secheþ & 3e schullen ifynde· axeth & 3e schul|len vnderfongen· knockeþ at þe dore & I schal open | hit to 3ow· And seynt Jame seiþ who þat nedeþ wis|dome· axe hit of god þat 3eueþ al men plenteuosly|che· & oben obreideþ no man of þat he schal 3euen | hym· but axe he trustiliche & haue no dou3te· for he | þat dou3teþ in his axyng is lyche þe flood of þe see | þat is meued & I born abou3te wiþ þe wynd & þere|fore suche aman ne trowe he nou3t þat he schal vn|derfongen any þing of god· And he seiþ þat man is | I blessed þat abydeþ temptacioun· for whan he is I pre|uid he schal vndurfong acroune of lif þat god | hath be hote to þilk þat louen hym ne no man | whan he is I tempted seye þat louen he is I tempted | of god· for he ne is no temptour of yuul ne he temp|teþ no man·· but eueryche man is tempted of his | owne coueytyng· & whan coueytyng þat hath con|ceyued¬hit bryngeþ forth synne & whan þe synne | is brou3t to þe ende hit engendereþ deþ· Of þes wor|des sire þou mi3t þen mi3t I seen þat hit ne is but | oure defau3te þat we he ne han cunnyng & stabul|nes to a3eyn stonde oure temptaciouns· and þof we han | strong enemyes & grete temptaciouns hit ne is but | oure owne vnkyndenes & wickednesse þat we fal|len in to synne· for god suffereþ no man to ben i-|tempted passyng his mi3t· and alle þe deuels in | helle ne alle þe might of þe world ne of mannes | flesche ne mown not maken aman ¬ ne a womman | breken godis hestys a3ens his wille· for god haþ | I 3euen aman afre wil¬& haþ I sette be forun hym | boþe good & yuul lif & deth· blessyng· & cursyng· [fol 116r] & aman may chese wheþer of þes he wil take· And 3if | aman is buxum to his god & kepiþ his hestis· þanne | he cheseþ good lif & blessyng· and 3if he for sakeþ | þe hestis of god þan he cheseþ yuul & deth· & þe cur|syng of god· as moyses seiþ in þe first boke of olde | lawe And dauiþ seiþ in þe sauter· alle þes ben a|cursed þat bowen a wey from þi hestis· þanne it is | bot oure owne folye & oure owne vnkyndenes þat we fal|len in to synne· Soth it is also þat we moten alle put|ten vs in þe mercy of god· & not axen heuene þoru ry3t|fulnes· iustifying oure self before god· for dauid | seiþ in þe sauter· Eueriche lyuyng man schal | not ben iustified in þi si3t· But naþereles no man | hop to come to heuene but if he leue synne· noþer | for þe be leue þat he haþ in crist· ne for þe grete mercy | of god· for as seynt jame seiþ deueles in helle be-|leuen & dreden· & he seiþ ri3t as a body is ded wiþ-|outen spiri3t· ri3t feiþ & beleue is ded wiþ outen | good werkes· And seynt jon seiþ· who þat seiþ þat seiþ | þat he knoweþ god & kepiþ not his hestes· he | is a lyere· & crist seiþ wharto clepe 3e me lord lord | & doþ no3t þilke þinges þat I sey3e and he seiþ also | al þilke þat sey3en to me lord lord ne schul not | entren in to þe kyngdome of heuene· but he þat | doþ þe wille of my fader þat is in heuene· he schal | entren in to þe kyngdom of heuene¬and he seiþ | also in þat day many schul come & seyn lord ha|ue we no3t I caste fendes ou3t of men in þi name· | & ne haue we not iprophecyed in þi name & i-doon many tokenes in þi name· And crist | seiþ þat he wil þanne seye to hem· I ne knew | 3ow neuere· goþ awey from me alle þat wurchen | wickednes· & crist seiþ also þat mannes sone wil [fol 116v] come & deme eueriche man aftir his werkis· & þi|lk þat han wil I lyued schullen comen to þe blis | of heuene· & þe oþer þat han continued her lif in | synne schul gon to þe euere lastynge peynes of | helle þat ben I ordeyned for þe deuel & his seruaun|tes· And gode sire what schal cristes passioun or | þe schedyng of his blood in þe whyche blood þou art | i cristened & I clensed of þi synne stonde þe to profi3t | but þou leue þi synne & kepe goddis hestes· In | certeyn seynt petre seiþ· it were better for aman | þat he knew not þe wey of trewthe· þan after | his knewing turnen a3eyn to synne· for as he seiþ | such men ben I lyche swyne þat whan þei ben cle|ne gon in to a slowe & maken hem fouler þanne þei | weren & he seiþ also þat þei ben liche houndes· þat | kasteþ vp þe mete þat þei han eete & sithen tur|nen hem a3en· & eten þat þei casten· And for þes | foule maners of swyn & of houndes crist seyde to his | disciples· Ne 3eue 3e not holy þinges to houndes ne | cast 3e not margeri perles be fore swyn· last þei de|foulen hem wiþ here feet & þe houndes turnen hem | & al to tere 3ow· frend now I se þat þe ri3t weye to | heuene is lif of soule in forsakyng synne· & ke|ping goddes hestes· & I see wil þat eueryche man | may leuen synne if he wole him seluen· & I see | wele þa no man schal be saued but he leue his syn|ne· Noþer for þe grete mercy of god· ne for þe be le|ue þat a man haþ in god· ne for his cristenyng | but if he haue goode werkes· But frende how | schullen 3ung childeren ben I saued þat ben i-|cristened· & siþe dyen or þan þei ben of age to | knowe godes hestes Sire 3e wyteþ wil þat whan [fol 117r] a child is I cristened· he receyueþ his byleue by mene | persones· for þat tyme noþer he haþ knowyng whyche | his be leue is ¬ ne mi3t forto speke whyche is his | be leue· & ri3t as [he] vndirfongeþ his be leue by me|ne persones· ri3t so be þo same mene he forsakiþ þe de|uel & his werkes & by hoteþ to ben buxum to god | & to kepen his hestes & so þe child is saued þoru | þe be leue· þat he vnderfongeþ & þoru þe forward | þat he makeþ bi þes mene persones· But in certeyn | a man or a womman of ful age ne schal not ben | i-sauyd: but he doþ þe werkes of his be leue | þat is to seyn þat he kepe goddis hestis & leue syn|ne· for as seynt poule seiþ alle we ben þat [read: þat ben] i-bap|tized in iesu crist· ben i-baptized in his deþ· & we ben | i-birried wiþ hym in to deth· þat ri3t as crist roos | fron [read: from] deth to lyue þoru þe blisse of his fader· | ri3t so walk we in a newe manere of lif· And þer|fore he seiþ knowe 3e wil þat oure olde man is i-|crucified· þat þe body of synne he[?read: be] distryed· þat | we seruen no more to synne & þerfore he seiþ· Trowe | 3e þat 3e ben dede to synne But 3e ben lyuyng to | god in oure lord iesu crist· And þerfore ne regne no synne | in 3oure dedly body· þat 3e be not buxum to his couey|tynges and ne 3eue 3e nou3t 3oure membris to ben | armure of wickednes to synne but makeþ hem | armure of ri3tfulnesse to god· for synne schal | no lengere haue lordschipe of 3ow And seynt | petre seiþ riþt as in noees tyme a fewe soules as | eyghte weren i-saued by water ri3t so baptem | makeþ vs now saue ¬ nou3t þe doyng a wey of þe | filþe of oure flesch· but as sechyng of a goode | conscience in god· by þe rysyng a3eyn from deth | to lif of oure lord iesu crist & þerfore he seiþ· Siþe [fol 117v] crist haþ i-suffered in flesch· be 3e armed in þe same | þou3t· for he þat suffered in flesch laft synne þat | þe remenant þat lyueþ after ward in flesch ne | lyuen not to þe desires of men· but to þe wil|le of god for þe tyme þat is i-passed sufficeþ to | maken an ende of mysbeleuid mennes willes | þat han i-walked in her licheries & in etynges & | in drynkynges ou3t of mesure & in vnleful he|ryinges of mawmetis· And whan seynt ion | baptized men· he seyde I baptyse 3ow in to watur & | in to penaunce· but he þat comeþ after me is strenger | þen am I· & I am not worþi to beren his schone | he schal baptize 3ow in þe holy gost & in fuyr· & | in þis baptem crist baptised his disciples when he | sent þe holy gost among hem to ben her counfortour | and þo þei casten so brennyng aloue to god· þat it | was a solas & a mirþe to hem to suffre tribu|lacioun & persecucioun for loue of here god And þis | luf is a fuyr to preue whyche ben goddis trewe | childere· of þis fuyr crist seiþ I come to senden | a fuyr in to þe erþe· & what wil I but þat it be | tend· Here sire þou mi3t i-sen two baptemes þat | cristen men han· On is in water of bi leue þat | þei be leuen in þe fader & in þe sone & in þe holy | gost þe whyche beleue wascheþ oure soule of | oure vnclennesse of synne ri3t as bodiliche | watur wascheþ oure body of bodily vnclennesse | þe oþer baptem is in þe holy gost & in fuyr whan | a man casteht [sup·ras·] so brennynge a loue to god þat | he nil for no þing displesen hym· but wil gla|deliche sufferen a gret disese to fulfillen his wil|le and in mynde of þese two baptemes childe|ren ben i-cristened in water & siþen confermed of [fol 118r] þe bischop & more harm is men taken more kepe | to þes ou3tward doynges þan to þe baptemes | of here soules But þei mown ben ful certeyn | but þei ben ful sadde in soule in here bileue & si|che han [?read: han siche] a brennyng loue to god þat þei nillen | for no þing doon werkes of synne for alle here | ou3tward bodyliche doyng· þei schullen not co|me to heuene· if þei come to ful age to knowe | boþe good & yuul· & how mow we seyn þat we | dwellen in crist & þat we ben braunches þat spryn|gen ou3t of hym þat is a verrey vyne· but we | leuen synne & kepen goddis hestis· Se[i]nt ion seiþ | who þat seiþ þat he dwelliþ in crist· he mut walken | as he walked· & þanne he is a good braunche þat | bereþ meche good fru3t of good werkes & þanne | he schal haue heuene for his mede· and 3if we | beren no good fru3t· þe fader of heuene wil kit|ten vs a wey from þe vyne· And þanne we sch|ullen be drye & ben i-cast in to þe fir for to bren|ne frend now I se þat þer ne is non oþer wey to he|uene bot lif of soule & for sakyng of synne & in | kepyng goddis hestis· But frend as we wy|ten wele eueryche lyuyng þing haþ summe liflode | as mete & drynke þat makeþ hem for to lyue & | siþe we han lif of soule· I preye þe whyche is | þe mete & whyche is þe drynke þat makeþ oure | soule to lyue Sire now 3e axeþ a gret þing & | fayn I wolde telle 3ow þat 3e axeþ if god wulde | 3eue me grace & I hopede þat 3e wolden drawe 3ow | to þat lyuyng whanne 3e knewen boþe hit & his liflode | But sire more harme is I se ful fewe doon after | cristes techyng & his wordis þof þei seen hem i-|wryten ouþer heren hem i-spoken· & neuerþeles [fol 118v] in his wordes is þe lyf of oure soule· for as he seiþ | þe wordes þat I haue of spoken· ben spiri3t & lif | & he seiþ also he þat kepiþ my word· schal neuer dye | And he seiþ eft sones· I speke & I worche· as I haue | an hest and a comaundement of my fader· & I | wot wele þat his comaundement is an euere lastyng | lyf & but a man or a womman wil doon aftur cristes | wordes· whanne he knewe hem· It were bettere | for hym þat he knewe hem not· for as crist seiþ | þat seruaunt þat knoweþ not his lordes wille· & doþ | þer a 3en schal haue a fewe strokes· but he þat knoweþ | þe wille of his lord & doþ þer a3en schal haue ma|ny strokes & betynges· He seyde also » | to þe iewes in a tyme þat he had i-mad a blynd man seen | 3if 3e weren blynde 3e ne hadden no synne· But | for 3e seyn þat 3e seen 3oure synne dwelleþ stille in 3ow· and | he seiþ also if I had not i-come· & I ne hadde i-spo|ken not to hem· þei ne hadden i-hadde no synne | but now þei han non excusacioun of here synne· & | he seiþ eft sones þe more þat is i-taken to a man | þe more schal ben i-axed of hym And þerfore syre | But if 3e wulden fulfille cristes techynges in 3ou|re lyuyng· whan 3e knewen whyche it were· it | wh were litil profy3t for me to wryte more opun|lyche· vn to 3ow of þe lyf of soule & of his lyflode | þan I doon· & a gret harm it were to 3ow & encres | of 3owre peyne in tyme þat is to come & a sclaun|dre to 3oure breþeren 3if þei seien þat 3e knowen cristes | techyng & lyuede not þerafter· And crist seiþ a ful | hard word wo to þat man be whom comeþ sclaun|dre· It hadde ben good for hym þat he ne hadde be bore | & what euere he be þat sclaundereþ oon of þes smale | childeren þat be leueþ in me· it were spedeful to [fol 119r] | hym þat þer were hangyd a querne ston a bou3te his | necke & þat he were i-dreynt in þe depnesse of þe see· | And þerfore he seiþ loke 3e þat 3e dispise non of þes | smale childeren· for I sey 3ow in certeyn here aun|gels in heuene seen euere more þe visage of my fader | & in certeyn þe most perylous sclaundre is to 3e|uen 3ung innocentes ensaumple of synne & þe | more good þat aman kan & his in lyf be synful | þe more perilouse is his sclaundre & in certeyn it we|re better to aman· for to lesen any membre of his | body· þan to sclaundre þus his breþeren or hym | selue þoru synne for as crist seiþ 3if þi foot or | þi hond sclaundre þe kyt it a wey & þrow hit a-|wey from þe for þe is bettere to entre in to lyf | febul or halt· þan haue two feet or two hondes | & ben i-cast in to þe fyr of helle & 3if þi eye sclaun|dre þe put hit ou3t & þrow hit a wey from þe· | for þe is bettere wiþ oon eye to entren to þe lif | þen haue two eyen & ben i-send in to þe fyr of hel|le· And here fore sire knowit 3owre be leue in ou|re lord & in oure god iesu crist & doþ as he haþ beden | 3ow doon & leueþ synne & þan 3e han þe lyuyng | of soule & his liflode· for þe beleue in crist is boþe | bred & fleysch to oure soule· & þe kepyng of his | techyng is þe drynke of oure soule for it is boþe | water & brede [?read: ?wyne, ?blode]· frend þi answere þat þou 3e|uest in my axyng· is ful schort & ful derk al|so for me· And þerfore I preye þe 3if me a more | open answere· & myn hope is þat whan I know | cristes techyng· I wil lyf þerafter· for ellis I ne | kept not to wyten whyche it were· And frend | þenk how crist seiþ who þat 3eueþ a disciple [?read: dischful] of | cold water to oon of þes le~s~t onliche in þe name [fol 119v] of a discyple he schal not lese his mede· And frend | I praye þe in cristis owne name þat þou 3eue me sum water | of cristis wisdom to kele þe þrist of my soule þat þou | mow haue mede for þi 3ifte & profi3t also & þof þou | owene nou3t of þis mede· þenk þat crist seiþ· þe | vnprofytable seruaunt· þat lyuede in slowþe schal be þro|wen in to derkenes þere as schal be wepyng & gren|tyng of teþ· for as myche as he hadde his lordis | tresour in his kepyng & hid hit vndur þe erþe & nol|de not chafferen to encresen his lordis goodis¬ þenk | also how crist seiþ who þat seiþ axeþ ou3t of þe 3eue | hym· & ne turne þou no3t awey from hym þat wil | borewe of þe· þenk also how he wil in þe day of dome | deme þilke men to helle wiþ outen ende þat han | not i-don to hym þe werkes of loue & of mercy· þat | is to seyn þilk men þat feden hym not· whan | he was an hongred· ne 3yf ~neuere~ hym non drynken whan he was a þirst· ne cloþed hym not whan þei sy3e him | naked ne herborewed hym nou3t whan him lacked | an hows & visite hym not whan he was syke· & in | prisoun & siþe my soule is anhungered after mete | & a þirst aftur drynk· & naked for defaut of uertues & | [I] ne haue no strong hous to kepe me from stormes | of þe develes temp[t]aciouns & am sike & in prisone for | synne þat I haue doon her~e~ by foren I preye þe þat | þou write to me more opunliche of þe liflode of my | soule· to kele þe hungur and þe þrist of my soule | & telle me opunlyche þe vertues þat crist techiþ to | cloþe wiþ my soule þat I be not naked in þe comyng | of my lord but be wil i-cloþed in my weddyng cloþ | & tel me opunliche wordes þat I mow fulfillen | hem in dede þat I bylde me an hows on a hows | on a fondement of ston to a3eyn stonde wyndes | & reynes· & oþer stormes of þe deueles temptaciouns [fol 120r] & wryte to me opunliche þe techyng of crist· þat I mowe | ben i-heled þer by· of þe sekenes of my soule· & þat I | mowe ben i-counforted þer by whyles I am in prysoun | of þis world & in a strange lond as a pylgrym far | fro myn owene cuntre· & siþe my soule is derk | þoru vncunnyng for I knowe not perfi3tliche þe li3t | of cristes wordes· I preye þe þat þou write hem opun|liche & ne hyde hem not from me· for þere ne is | no man þat tendeþ a candel and setteþ hit vndur | a buschel but vp on a chaundeler þat hit 3eueþ | li3t to alle hem þat ben in þe house & goddis word | is a li3t to oure feet & to þe paþes þat we gon | inne as seiþ dauit in þe sau3ter & þerfore ne hyde | hit not from me but telle openliche þat I axed | raþer· whyche is þe lyflode of oure soule· Sir | crist seiþ fader I knowleche to þe þat þou hast i-hy|de þes þinges from wyse men & redy men & hast i-schewid | hem to smale childeren· & here fore crist seyde | to his disciples· It is i-graunted to 3ow to know | þe priueytees of þe kyngdom of heuene· but to |ere men it is [nou3t] i-graunted· for to hym þat haþ men | schul 3euen· And þilk þat haþ nou3t þat men | semeþ þat he haþ· schal ben taken a wey from | hym & þerfore I speke to oþere men in parables þat | ben derke speches for þei seyn & seiþ nou3t & | hereþ nou3t ne vnderstondeþ nou3t þat þe prophecy | of ysaye be fulfild þat seiþ þus 3e schullen here with eere | heryng· & 3e schul not vndurstounde [?read: vndurstonden] & 3e schulen ~i-seen and not i-seen~ for þe herte of þis peple is | i-mad fat & þei han i-herd euellyche wiþ here | eren & þei han i-closed here ey3en last þei seen | wiþ here ey3en & heren wiþ heres· & i-vnderston|den wiþ here hert· þat þei ben i-turned & þat I ma|keþ hem hol of her sykenes· but 3oure ey3en ben [fol 120v] ben i-blissid þat seen· & 3oure eres þat heren· for soþeliche | I sey3e 3ow þer han i-ben many prophetes & ri3tful men | þat han desyred to see þillk þinges þat 3e seen & | þei syen hem nou3t & to heren þat 3e heren & þei | herden hem nou3t· and sire siþe good of his good|nesse haþ 3eue sum knowyng of his wordis· prey|eth hym tristyliche þat he 3eue 3ow more know|yng· and I wil do my trauayle þoru þe grace of | god· to make 3ow knowen þat 3e axeden raþer | 3e schul vnderstonde sire þat crist is in two ma|neres þe liflode of oure soule þoru oure beleue | þat we byleueþ in hym· he is in on manere a bred | of heuene to þe sustinaunce of oure soule for as | he seyde to þe iewes· moyses ne 3af 3ow no bred | of heuene· but my fader 3eueþ 3ow verray bred of | heuene· for þat is verrey bred of god· þat comen | doun from heuene· & 3ifeþ lyf to þe world and aftur-|ward he seyd to hem soþeliche I sey3e 3ow· who | þat byleueþ in me· haþ an euere lastyng lif· I am | bred of lif· 3owre faderes eten aungels mete in | wildernes & þei ben dede· þis is a bred þat com | doun from heuene þat who euere eteþ þis bred· ne | dieth neuere aftur· I am a lyuynge bred þat | com a doun from heuene who þat eteþ of þis bred | schal lyuen euere more· In þis manere crist is | bred of heuene· & þe liflode of oure soule tou|chyng his godhede· for in þat he is bred þat com | doun fro heuene· he scheweþ þat he is verrey god | & þis is a principal poynt of oure byleue· & who | þat be leueþ þis he eteþ þis bred of heuene to | þe sustinaunce of his soule· And as touchyng | þe godhede of crist þat com a doun from heuene þer | ben oþer poyntes þat euereche cristen man mote nede[fol 121r]lyche beleue· On is we moten byleuen in his fader | þat sendem hym a doun from heuene to erþe· þoru þe | assent of þe holy gost· þat is þe þridde persone of þe | godhede· & we moten be leue þat þese þre persones of | þe blessed trinite· fader & sone & holygost ben oo god | and not manye goddis· but 3it neuere on of hem is |er for þe fader is not þe sone ne þe holy gost· Ne | þe sone is not þe fader· ne þe holy gost· Ne þe holy | gost is not þe fader ne þe sone· We moten be leuen | also þat þes þre persones ben endeles mi3ty· & alle | on my3t· & endeles god & alle on goodnes· & ende|les trewe & endeles witty & endeles fayr & endeles | louyng & endeles ri3tful & endeles mercyful & al | þei ben on trewþe & oon wysdome on fayrnesse on | loue on ri3tfulnesse & on mercy And þes þre perso|nes weren wiþ outen be gynnyng er þan þei maden | þe world of nou3t· And er þe world was i-mad· þei | weren in an endeles blisse· & in þat blisse þei ben now | & schullen ben in þe same blisse hereaftir world wiþ outen ende | al þis we moten be leue towchyng þe godhede of | oure lord iesu crist þat is verray bred of heuene· & | þe liflode of oure soule þat by leueþ in hym And in | a noþer maner he is þe liflode of oure soule in þat | he is man· for he seiþ þat bred þat I will 3euen is myn | owne flesche· for þe lif of þe world· & he seyde to þe | iewes· Soþeliche I seye 3ow but 3e eten þe flesche of | man sone & drynken his blode 3e ne schul not haue | lif in 3ow & who þat etiþ my flesch & drynkeþ myn | blood· he schal haue an euere lastyng lif· And I | will areren hym vp from deþ to lif in þe last day· for | my flesche is verrayliche mete· & my blood is ver|rayliche drynk· & who þat etiþ my flesche & drynkeþ | my blood· dwelliþ in me & I in hym· and ri3t as my [fol 121v] fader þat lyueþ sent me & I lyue for hym· ri3t so who | etiþ me schal lyue for me· þis is bred þat comme doun | from heuene· nou3t as 3oure fadres þat eten aungels | mete in wildernes & ben dede· who þat etiþ of þis bred | schal lyuen euere more In þis manere crist is flesch & fedeþ | oure soule þat bileueþ þat [he] is verrey man· and touchyng | his manhede· we moten bileue many þinges· Oon | is þat he was conceyued of þe holy gost· & not of | mannes seed· & þat he was i-borne of þe mayde marye | wiþ oute lesyng of here maydenhed· we moten by | leue also þat he suffered his passioun vnder pilat | of pounce & was i-hangid on a cros· & was ded & | biryed & wente adoun to helle & þe þridde day aros | from deþ to lyue· And we moten be leue þat he stey | vp to heuene· & þere he settiþ on þe ri3t hond of his | fader & from þenne he schal come to deme boþe qwyk | & dede aftir her werkis And we schullen be leue | also þat crist þoru his deþ gat vs of his fader for-|3euenes of oure synnes & he hym self for 3af vs | oure synnes· And we moten be leue þat we schul | rysen vp fro deþ to life boþe in body & in soule· & if | we han wil i-lyued· we schul come to an euerelastyng | lif of blisse boþe in body & in soule· & þer oure sou|le schal haue his blisse in þe godhede of crist· & oure | body in his manhede & þus is crist þat is verrey god | & verrey man boþe bred & flesche to þe sustinaunce | of oure soule þat be leuiþ þus in hym & for we schul|den haue mynde & not for3eten þis lyuynge of | oure soule ne his liflode a scher þorsday at ny3t | er þan he schulde passe ou3t of þis world to his | fader as he & his disciples seten at þe soper he toke | bred & blessid hit· & brake hit & seyde· tak þis & eteþ | þis· þis is my body þat schal be take for 3ow makeþ [fol 122r] þis in mynde of me· And þus syre eueryche cristen man | þat be leueþ þat crist is verrey god· etiþ eueryche day bred | of heuene· & in þat he beleueþ þat crist is verray man | he eteþ eueryche day his fleische & his body· And þis bred | & þis flesche is þe mete of oure soule· But oure [soule | lyueth] not onlyche in þis bred· for as crist seiþ· | a man ne lyueþ not in bred alone¬ but in eueryche | word þat passeþ ou3t of goddis mouthe· & þat wor|de· is þe drynk of oure soule· & what maner drynk· | in certeyn clere water of heuenelyche wysdom· | Of þis water crist spak on atyme to þe womman | of samarye· for he seyde to þat womman· 3if þou knewe | þe 3ift of god & who he is þat seiþ to þe 3if me dryn|ke· Peraunter þou woldest an axid of hym & he wol|de haue 3eue þe lyuyng water· & þoo þe womman seyde no|þer þou hast a uessel to drawe vp water & þe pitte is depe | from whennes þanne hast þou lyuyng watir· wheþer þou | be gretter þanne iacob oure fader þat dranke here of & his | childeren & his bestes & crist seyde eueryche man þat drin|keþ of þis water schal ben a þirst eft sones But who | þat drinkeþ of þat water þat I wil 3euen he schal neuere ben | a þirst· for þat water þat I wil 3euen hym· schal ben | made a well in hym þat schal be lepyng in to an euere|lastyng lif· Of þis ilke water drynken alle þilke | men· þat kepen cristes wordes as he tau3te to hem· & | þes wordes ben two wordes of loue· þat enclosen alle þe | ten hestis· þe first word of þes is þe first & þe grettest | comaundement of goddis lawe· & þat is þou schalt | loue þi lord god· abouen alle oþer þinges· for crist | seiþ who þat loueþ fader or moder broþer or syster wif | or child· abouen hym he ne is not worþi to hym | & who þat hatiþ not his owne lif for me he ne is not | worþi to me And who þat loueþ god in þis wyse· [fol 122v] he kepiþ þre þe first of þe ten hestis· for he nil þanne he|ryen no god bot oon & he wil halewen his halyday | for euereyche day he wil lyuen holyliche· ou3t of synne | & so he haleweþ not oonlyche þe seuenþe day· but | eueriche day of þe wyke· & in certeyn eueryche day þat | aman lyueþ in synne· is þe deueles werke day· for þat | day þat a man doþ þe deueles werkes· þanne he | seruiþ þe deuele¬ & not god· þof he synge or rede holy | wordes· for þer may no man serue two goddis at lordes | at ones & goddis seruise is doyng of goode werkes· | & leuyng of synne· & þis is holy day lyuyng· | þat eueriche cristen man haþ þat loueþ god abouen alle oþer | þinges And he kepeþ also þe þridde heste of þe ten | þat is þou schalt not take þi lordes name in veyn· | for he þat loueþ god abouen alle oþer þinges nyl | do no þing þat god for bedeþ· ne þat is desplesyng | to god· & þanne he nyl not take goddis name in veyn | In two maners aman may take goddis name in veyn | On is whan a man swereþ be þe name of god þere | as it is no nede· In anoþer manere a man takeþ | goddis name in veyn· whan he clepiþ god his lord | & 3it ne drediþ hym not as a seruaunt schulde· ne | is not buxum to his hestis· oþer whan a man clepiþ | god his fader¬ & ne loueþ hym nou3t as a good | child schulde· ne is not buxum to his wille but | he þat loueþ god a bouen alle oþer þinges he nil | not take goddis name in veyn in noon of þes maners | & so who þat kepiþ þis comaundement of loue· he | kepiþ þre þe first of þes ten hestis· þis loue had | oure lord iesu crist to his fader of heuene to 3euen | vs ensample how we schulden loue oure lord fa|der of heuene abouen alle oþer þinges· & in two þin|ges he schewed his loue· On þing was þat in al [fol 123r] his techyng & worchyng he soughte þe worschipe | of his fader & for sok many worschipes & lykyn|ges for he nolde not displesen his fader· & breken | his heste· for whan he was transfigured in an hille | bi foren his disciples· & his face was bri3t as þe | sonne an [?read: and] his cloþes weren whyghte as þe snow & | moyses & helye aperid to hym petir seyde sire it | is good to dwelle here 3if þou wilt make we here | þre tabernacles· oon to þe oon to moyses· & oon to | helye· & a voys cam from heuene þat... seyde þis is | my leeue sone in whom I am plesed here 3e him· | al þis lykynges crist lefte to goon in to þe disese of þe | world to ful fille þe wille of his fader· And whan | þe peple wolde han i-hadde hym to here kyng· he fleþ | a wey fro hem in to þe wildernes· for he wolde not dis|plesen his fader· And whan þe deuel temptid hym & | schewid hym al þe kyngdoms of þe world & þe blisse | of hem he seyde to crist al þis I wil 3eue þe 3if þou | willt falle a doun & heryen me· & crist seyde· Go a wey sa|tanas it is wryten þou schalt heryen þi lord god· | & seruen hym al alone· In þes doynges & in many |ere crist for soke his owne wurschipes & lykynges | to fulfillen þe wil of his fader & in þat he scheweþ þat he louede hys fader abouen al oþere | þinges In a noþer þing also he schewiþ þis same | loue for he suffered wilfullyche what disese men | wolden do to hym boþe of word & of stroke & of | deþ· for he wolde not ben vnbuxum to his fader | ne doon a3eyns his wille· for in þe ny3t be forn his | passioun he seyde þe spiryt is redy· but þe flesche | is seke [?read: weke] & whan he come to þe place· þere as he wol|de make his preyere & knew ful wele how gret | a penaunce him was toward· he seyde fader If it mow | be· late þis cuppe passe a wey from me· But neuereþeles [fol 123v] nou3t as I wole· but as þou wilt· and he seyde also | fadir 3if þis cuppe ne mowe not passe a wey fro me | but I drynke hym þi wille be fulfillid· And þus | crist was buxum to his fader of heuene· to þe deþ ¬ techyng vs to be boxom to our fader & to louen hym in | þe same wyse· And 3if we louen so myche oure god | þat we wulden for his loue sufferen þe deþ· þan | ne drynk we cristes blood to sauacioun of oure sou|le & of þe same cuppe þat crist drank· & for we schul|den haue mynde· how crist schede his blood· for loue | of his fader & help of his breþeren· a schire þorsday | at ni3t at þe soper· he toke a cuppe wiþ wyn & bles|side it & seyde to his disciples drynkeþ here of euere|ychon· þis is my blood of a newe testament þat schal ben | « scheed in for 3euenes of synnes· And who þat loueþ | god a bouen alle oþere þinges· & by leueþ in cristes pas|sioun· he drynkeþ cristes blood to sauacioun of his sou|le· & but he haue þis loue· he schal not ben i-saued· | þof he be leue alle þe poyntes of oure be leue· | for seynt poule seiþ· þof I speke wiþ mannes tun|ges or wiþ aungels· & I ne haue no charite· I am | i-mad as bras þat souneþ· or a cymbale þat ~tyn~|geþ & þof I haue eueryche prophecye & kunnynge & I | knowe priueytes & þof I haue eueryche by leue In | so muche þat I mowe meue hulles from here pla|ce· & I ne haue not charite· I ne am nou3t & þof | I dele al my good to fede poore men· & 3eue my | body to brenne in þe fyre· & I ne haue not chari|te· it profyteþ me no þing þus syre & vs lacke | charite nouþer be leue ne non oþer þing schal | stonde vs to profy3t & in certeyn þe first & þe most prin|cypally party of charite it is to loue god a bouen | alle oþer þingges· & þer comeþ no man to heuene | but he haue þis loue & so drynke of cristes cuppe [fol 124r] for crist bad alle hys disciples drynken of his cuppe & | so þei diden but not alle in oon wyse· for iudas drank of | þe bodyly cuppe· as þe oþere bodily disciples diden· | But for he ne loued not god as þei diden· but | was fals in his herte & a bou3te to be trayen his lord | & his mayster þerfore he drank of þe cuppe of god|dis wraþe & of his indignacioun & hangyd hym sel|uen for sorowe of his synne But þe oþere discy|ples þat loueden god a bouen alle oþer þinges· & | weren redy for his loue to suffre þe deþ þei drun|ken of cristis cuppe & of his blood to þe sauacioun | of here soules· & afterward þei drunken a cuppe | of clere wyne wiþ crist in þe kyngdom of heuene þat ma|de here hertes glade· for wyne gladeþ mannes hertes & | no wyne so myche as þat wyne þat comeþ of hym· þat | is a verrey vyne & of þis wyne schal no man dryn|ke· but 3if he drynke of þe cuppe þat I spake of rather | for whan cristis cosyne preyde him þat oon of hire so|nes mi3t sitten on his ry3t syde & þat oþere on his left | syde in his kyngdom crist seyde· 3e witteþ not what | 3e axen· mow 3e drynke þe cuppe þat I schal drynke | & þei seyden we mowne· And crist seyde my cuppe | 3e schul drynke but to sitte on my ri3t syde· or on | my left syde· it is not myn to graunte 3ow but to | þilk þat is i-ordeyned of my fader And sire who þat | haþ þis for sayde loue to god· he drynkeþ cristes blo|od· & of his cuppe as I seyde raþer to þe sauacioun of his | soule he offereþ also to god· þe most plesyng offeryng | & sacrifice þat he may offere to hym· for þoru þis loue | he offereþ hym seluen to god· And as god seiþ be da|uit in þe sautere· A sacrifice of herying schal wurschipe | me & þer is no wey in þe whyche I schal schewen hym | my hele & my blisse· And among alle þe heryinges [fol 124v] of god· þe grettest herying is þis loue· for feiþ hope & | charite· ben þre heryinges to god· but þe grettest hery|ing of god is charite· as seynt poule seiþ· & charite is | cristes lawe in þis world· & bryngeþ aman to þe blisse | of heuene· þe whyche blisse is likyng of soule loue | þat creatures han to her god· & euerychon to oþer· And of | þis herying of loue· þer comeþ a noþer gret herying | to god of þe whyche heriyng dauid seyde in þe sauter | a sacrifice to god is a spiry3t· þat is i-trubeled· & ano|yed for his synne· And god þou ne wilt not dispisen | an herte þat is contrit & ~humulied~ to þe· it is cer|teyn þat 3if aman loueþ god wiþ al his herte· & a-|bouen alle oþer þinges· whan he knoweþ how he haþ | displesyd god þoru synne he wil make miche sorowe | in his herte for his synne· & humylien hym seluen | ful lowe to god to haue for 3euenes of his trespas· | And in þis wyse mary maudeleyne hadde for 3eue|nes of hire synnes· for crist seiþ many synnes were | for 3euen hire· for scho loued myche· & but aman | loue god with al his herte· & wiþ al his herte for | þinkyng his synne elles be he certeyn þat he ge|teþ not of god for 3euenesse of his synne· alle þes | prophetes þat I haue i-told· folewen siche men þat lo|uen god a bouen alle oþere þinges· And crist seiþ þe | secunde grettest comaundement is i-lyche to þis þou | schalt loue þi broþer as þi seluen & in þes two co|maundementis hangeþ alle þe lawe & þe prophetes· | for who þat kepiþ þe first comaundement he doþ | alle manere þinges þat he oweþ to do to god· & he | kepiþ þre þe firstes of þe ten hestes· And who þat | kepiþ þe secunde comaundement· he doþ alle þinges | þat he oweþ doon to his broþer· & kepiþ þe [toþer] seuene | hestes of þe ten· for he wurschipeþ his aldren & not [fol 125r] & not onliche hem· but also his breþeren & he nyl | not sleen his broþer ne defoulen his sister þoru his | lust of stynkyng lecherye· Ne ~he nil be no~ þef to | robben his breþeren· ne he nyl ~bere no fals~ wit|nes a3eyns his broþer· Ne he nyl not coueyten his broþer wyf | ne his seruaunt ne non oþer good þat he oweþ· her ben | seuene hestes i-kept· of þe ten þat god bad summe | tyme· In þis on heste þou schalt loue þi broþer as | þi seluen· & so alle þe ten hestes ben i-kept in þes | two wordes of loue & þerfore seynt poule seiþ· who þat | loueþ fulfilleþ þe lawe· Also he þat kepiþ þes two | hestis of loue· he leueþ þe seuene dedly synnes· for | he nil not ben proud· for pride or hit is an vnskil|ful heighnes þoru þe whyche aman is vnbuxum | to god & to his hestes· Oþer it is an vnskilful heigh|nes þat aman heigheþ hym seluen vnskilfulliche | abouen his breþeren & dispiseþ hem· but who þat | loueþ god· ne haþ not þe first pride & he þat loueþ | his broþere as hym seluen ne haþ nou3t þe secunde | Also he þat haþ þis loue leueþ coueytise for he þat | loueþ god nyl desyren no þing þat is a3eyns his | ordenaunce· & god is so mesurable in 3euyng þat he | haþ þat he fayleþ no man· in þat þing þat hym ne|deþ ne granteþ no man more þan hym nedeþ· but co|ueytouse men þat louen here goodis more þan god· | for defaute of loue desireþ more þan hem nedeþ a3eyn | goddis wille· And for þei louen not here breþeren as | hem seluen· þerfore þei desyren here breþeren goo|dis to maken hem seluen ryche· and of þilk goodis | þat þei han· þei nyl not departen wiþ here nedy bre|þeren· & he þat haþ þis loue nyl not lyuen in slou|þe· for he wil ben a bou3te wiþ al his mi3t to ser|uen his god in kepyng his hestis· And after þat [fol 125v] grace þat he haþ vndurfongen of god· he wil forsaken his | owne lif & putten him self to disese & to trauaile for | help of his breþeren· And who þat haþ þis loue· he nyl | haue no dedly wraþe to his broþer ne desire no ven|geaunce on hym· þof he haue i-trespased ful gret|liche a3eyns hym· & he þat haþ þis loue· nil haue | non enuye to his broþer· for nowþer he wil be glad | of his harme· ne sory of his weele· as enuyous men | ben· Ne he wyl not bacbiten him· ne speke no þing | biforen hym· for his harm· And he þat haþ þis lo|ue wyle nou3t breke þe heste of god ne for his ow|ne lykyng bryngen his broþer ne his sister in to | grete mischef & sorowe· as þes foule lechoures doon | þat for here stynkyng lustes bryngen here breþeren & | here sisteren in to þe deueles seruise & his þraldom | from þe seruise of god· & after ward in to þe endeles | peyne of helle þat is a sorowe wiþ outen mirþe· | And he þat haþ þis luf· wile not take his mete ne | his drynke but in mesure as hym nediþ· for who | þat doþ glotonye & takeþ his mete & drynk a3eyn | þe wille of [?read: and] ordinaunce of god· & siche a glotoun & a | wastoure deuoureþ many mennes lif lode· boþe to | his owne harm & to harm of his breþeren for de|faute of loue· þus aman leueþ þe seuene dedly syn|nes þat kepiþ þe two comaundementes of loue | And who þat haþ þis luf· he doþ þe werkes of | mercy· for 3if he seeþ his broþerre an hungred· he | wil 3eue hym mete· and if he is a þirst· he wil 3eue | hym drynke· & if he be naked he wil 3euen hym | cloþes· & if he lacke herborewe· he wil leenen hym | an hous & 3if he be seke oþere in prisone he wole visi|ten hym & conforten hym· And if he be ded· he by|ryeþ his body in þe erþe· þes ben þe werkes of loue [fol 126r] & of mercy· þat men wolen doon· þat kepen þe two for-|seyde comaundementes of loue· & þis loue is cristes | lawe þat alle cristen men schulden kepe· for as crist | seiþ alle þinges þat 3e wollen þat oþer men doon to | 3ow· do 3e þe same to hem for þat is þe lawe & þe | prophetis· And in certeyn alle þinges þat crist biddeþ | doon to oure breþeren or it is loue or it comeþ ou3t | of loue· or it norischeþ loue crist seyde to his disciples | þis is my comaundement þat 3e louen to gedere as | I haue loued 3ow & in þis men schul knowe· þat 3e | ben my disciples· 3if 3e louen to gedere· & what ma | manere of loue 3e schul haue to 3oure breþeren· crist | techiþ in þat word· Do 3e to oþere men· as 3e wil þat o | þere men do to 3ow· he seiþ also it was i-seyde summe | tyme þou schalt loue þi frend· & hate þi enemy· | But I seye 3ow loueþ 3oure enemyes· and doþ wele | to hem þat han i-hated 3ow· Blesseþ hem þat cur|sen 3ow· & preyeþ for hem þat purswen 3ow· & þat | desclaundren 3ow· þat 3e ben 3oure fadres childeren | þat is in heuene þat makeþ his sone risen vp on | good men & vp on yuul men· & reyghneþ vp on ri3t|ful men & vp on vnri3tful men· for if 3e loueþ onli|che þilk þat louen 3ow· what mede schul 3e haue | so doon puplicanes· & if 3e gretteþ oonliche 3owre | owne breþeren· what schul 3e doon more· so doon he|þen men· wherfore be 3e perfy3t· as 3oure heuene|ly fadre is perfi3t And many tyme whan crist bad a | pharyse þat he schulde loue his nexte broþer as | hym seluen & seyde þat hit was oon of þe gret|test comaundementis of goddis lawe· þe pharise | axid hym who was his broþere nexte· And crist told | hym a taale & seyde þer was a man þat wente from | ierusalem in to ierico & fel among þeues & þei robbeden [fol 126v] hym & wondiden hym· and bonden hym fast & wen|ten here wey & leften [hym] liggyng vnnethes half | lyuyng· & as he lay þer cam be hym a prest & had|de no reuþe of hym· but passed forþe his wey & | lete hym ligge stille A dekene also went þe same | wey & dide in þe same wyse· but a samaritan þat | com þe same wey· seiþ þe man & had reuþe of hym | & vnbonde þis man & wysche his woundis wiþ wyn | & wiþ oyle & knytte vp his woundis· & siþ cast hym | vp on his asse & ledde hym to towne & brou3t | hym to an hostiler & preyde hym þat he wolde | take kepe to þis man & he wolde make hym go|ode his trauaile & for his costes· & he toke him two | pens to spende· & what euere he spende more he | seyde he wolde make hym good· And whan crist | hadde told þis tale he axide þis pharise whyche | of þes was nexte ney3bore to hym· þat fel a-|mong þe þeues· & he seyd þilke þat had mercy of | hym· and crist seyde go & do þou in þe same wy|se· In þis tale crist techeþ vs to loue oure enemy|es þat was i-woundid as oure seluen· for þe sa|maritan & þe iew þat was i-woundid weren enemys· & 3it he had|de reuþe of hym & dide to hym as he wolde þat | men diden to hym & so euery cristen man schul|de louen his enemy as hym seluen· And þer fore | seynt poule seiþ· 3if þin enemy is an hungred | 3if him mete· & if he is a þirst 3eue hym drynk | & 3if þou dost so· þou schalt gedere to hepe coles | of fuyr vp on is hede· And ne be þou not ouer | comen of yuul· but in good ouer come þou yuul | þis loue & charite is cristes lawe· & for we | schulden not lesen þis charite crist chargeþ | vs wiþ six vertues· þat comen out of loue· and [fol 127r] [norischen loue· Oon of þes is myldnesse· seynt poule seiþ 3eldeth] no man yuul for yuul· but doþ· & ordeyneþ goode | þinges· not oonliche before god· but also be foren | alle goode men & 3if hit mow be þat in 3ow is· haue | 3e pees wiþ alle men· & ne defendeþ not 3oure seluen | but 3eueþ place to wraþe· for it is i-write ¬ to me | vengeaunce ¬ & I wil 3elden a3eyn seiþ god & 3if þin | enemy be an hungered· fede hym & 3if he be a þirst | 3ife hym drynke & doyng þes þinges þou schalt | gedere to hepe coles of fuyr vp on his heed· & be | þou not ouer come of yuul· and ri3t as in þe oolde | testament men fou3ten for here lawe· & for here | ri3tfulnes ri3t so men schulden in þis new testa|ment· sufferen & nou3t fy3ten for ri3tfulnesse | & so crist dide þat was 3euer & maker of þis newe | testament· & whan on of his seruauntes smot for | his loue· crist bad hym putten his swerd in his | scheþe· & seyde who þat smyteþ wiþ a swerd with | a swerd he schal perische· And in þe apocalips hit | is i-wryten· who þat sleeþ wiþ a swerd· he mut | be slayn wiþ a swerd· And herefore crist seiþ· i-bles|sed be pesyble men· for þei schullen ben i-clepid god|dis childeren· and he seiþ also þei ben i-blessed þat | suffered persecucioun for ri3tfulnesse· for þe kyngdo|om of heuene is heris· and for þis sufferyng þat | crist techeþ men to kepe· & to norische loue among | hem seluen· he is i-cleped prince & kyng of pees | boþe of ysaye & of zacharye þe prophetes· for Iseye | Isaye seiþ þer schal ben in þe last dayes an hul i-or|deyned goddis hous in þe coop [?read: toop] of hulles & he schal | ben arerede vp a bouen alle hylles & alle folk schul|len come to hym & myche peple schullen come | & sey3en ~C~om we & steye we to goddis hyl & to þe | hous of god of iacob· & he wil teche vs his weyes [fol 127v] & we schullen walken in his paþes· for ou3t of syon | schal come þe lawe & goddis word ou3t of ierusalem· & he | schal deme myche folk· And vndurnyme myche pepul | and men schullen blowe to gydere here swerdes in to | scharres & here speres in to sikeles· & on peple ne | schal not heuen vp his swerd a3eyn anoþer peple | ne þei schul not ben i-hauntid after þat tyme to | batayle· And zacarye þe prophete seiþ· be þou ful glad | þou douter of syon & make myche mirþe þou dou|t~e~r of ierusalem· for lo þi kyng comeþ to þe· þat is ri3t|ful & sauyour· & he is pore & he lepeþ vp on an asse | & vp on an asse colt & he wil destrye þe char of effra|ym & þe hors of ierusalem· & þe lawe of batayle schal | be distryed· & he schal speke pees to þe peple & his | power schal be from see to see· & from þe floodes to | þe endis of þe erþe· And siþ cristis lawe is charite· | & pacience is a condicioun of charite· Nedeliche who | þat wil kepe goddis lawe mut be pacient & suf|ferynge & certeyn elles he foleweþ nou3t crist· & sore | a drade mowe þes proud men ben þat seyen þat þei | mowe not sufferen for schame of þe world· It is cer|teyn þat he þat is aschamed to sufferen· is a schamed | to knowleche þat he is cristis seruaunt þat suffered | ful myche· And crist seiþ who þat is aschamed to kno|wleche me & my wordes be fore men· I wil ben a-|schamed to knowleche hym be fore my fader in heue|ne· and þan as þe apocalips seiþ· kynges of þe er|þe & princes & riche men· & strong men· & bond & fre | schullen hyden hem in dennes & roches of hilles· & | þei schullen seyn to hylles & stonnes falle 3e doun | vp on vs & hydeþ vs from þe face of hym þat sitteþ | on þe trone· & from þe wraþe of þe lomb· for þe | grete day of his wraþe is comen· & who is he þat [fol 128r] may stonde· Of mekenesse þat is a noþer vertu þat comeþ | ou3t of loue & norischeþ loue· also. crist seiþ· i-blessed be meke men for þei | schullen i-see god· and of alle þinges þat crist haþ tau3|te his disciples· oon of þe moost was þat þei schul|den ben humble & meke· In a tyme þer was a stryuyng | be twyne þe disciples whyche of hem were grettest· | And crist seyde kynges of mys beleued men hauen | lordschipe of hem· & þilk þat han power vp on hem | ben i-cleped wel doeres· but it schal not be so a mong | 3ow· but he þat is grettest of 3ow· schal ben as þe 3on|geste· And he þat is a forgoere be he as a seruaunt· | for wheþer is he þat sitteþ at þe mete· grettere ¬ þen | he þat serueþ· ne is he not þat sitteþ at þe mete· but | I among 3ow as he þat serueþ· & in anoþer place as | he tau3te hem þis mekenes & seiþ mannes sone cum|me nou3t to ben i-serued· but for to seruen & to 3ifen | his lif for biggyng of many men & for he wolde te|chen hem mekenes in dede as wil as in word· þe | ny3t be foren his passioun· he wysch his disciples | feet & seyde to hem wyte 3e what I doon haue· 3e | clepeþ me mayster & lord· & 3e siggeþ wil· for so I am | & þerfore 3if [I] haue wasche 3oure feet· þat am boþe | mayster & lord· euerychone of 3ow schal wasche oþere | feet· for I haue 3eue 3ow ensample þat 3e doon as | I haue doon to 3ow· And whan his disciples axi|den hym· who was þe grettest in þe kyngdom of he|uene· Crist clepid to hym a litul child & sette hym | in þe myddel of hem and seyde Soþeliche I saye | 3ow but 3e ben I turned & ben i-made as smale chil|dren· 3e ne schul not entren in to þe kyngdom of | heuene· & þerfore who þat humbleþ hym as þis child | doþ· he is grettest in þe kyngdom of heuene· and as | a noþere tyme crist seyde· suffereþ smale childeren come [fol 128v] to me· for þe kyngdome of heuene is of siche· and | þo he seyde· Soþeliche I seye 3ow· who þat vndurfon|geþ not þe kyngdom of heuene as a litul child· he | ne schal not come þerinne two poyntes of mekenes | crist techiþ vs to haue· One is þat we dispise not | oure breþeren þat ben in cas not so worþi as we ben | ne þat we hyghe nou3t oure seluen for oure goo|de werkes abouen oure breþeren þat perauntre ne | do nou3t so goode werkis· for as crist seiþ· þer wen|ten two men in to þe temple to maken her preyeres | þe one was a pharise & þe oþer was a puplican· | and þe pharise seyde· lord I þanke þe· for I am not | as oþere men ben· þat ben robberes & vnry3tful· | & spousebrekeres & coueytous ne as þis publi|can I faste twyes in þe wyke & I 3if þe tiþinges | of alle þe goodes þat I haue· but þe publican ne | heued not vp his yen but smote his brest & seyde | lord haue mercy on me þat am a synful man· and | crist seiþ· þees went hom i-iustified of þe oþer· | for who þat hygheþ hym self schal ben i-hum|blid & who þat humbliþ hym self schal ben i-hyg|hed And crist seiþ in an oþer place· It whas i-sey|de sumtyme· who þat sleeþ is gylty of þe dome· | but I seyghe 3ow who þat is wroþe wiþ his | broþer· is gilty to þe dome· & who þat sayth to his broþer fy is gylty to counseyl· & who þat seiþ | to his broþer fool is gylty to þe fuyr of helle· In | þis maner a cristen man schulde be meke· for me|kenes nurscheþ loue ri3t as vnskilful hygh|nesse destrieþ loue An oþere poynt of mekenesse | crist techeþ & þat is þat we sechen nou3t þe wur|schipe of þe world· ne þat we doon nou3t oure | goode werkes to haue wurschipes for hem· of | þe peple· for he seiþ vp on moyses chayer þer han [fol 129r] i-setten scribes & pharisens· & what þei bidden 3ow | doon kepiþ it & doþ hit· but doþ not after her wer|kes· for þei seyn & doon not hem seluen & þei bid|den heuy berþenes· þat mown not ben i-born & leg|gen hem on menne schulderes· but wiþ here owe|ne fyngeres· þei nullyn not mouen hem· & alle | her werkes þei doon to be i-seyn of men· for þei | drawen a brod her philatories & magnifyen þe | hemmes of her cloþes· And þei louen þe first syt|tynges at þe soperes· & gretynges in chepynges | & þe most wurschipful chayeres in synagoges | & to ben i-clepyd maystres of men· But ne wy|le 3e not to be i-clepid maystres for oon is 3oure | maystre· & alle 3e ben breþeren· And ne clepe 3e | not to 3ow no fadir on erþe· for oon is 3oure fa|der þat is in heuene· Ne be 3e not i-cleped mayst|res· for oon is 3oure maystre crist who þat is gret|test of 3ow schal be 3oure seruaunt· for who | þat humbliþ hym self schal ben i-hyed & who | þat heith hym seluen schal ben humblid· Crist | techiþ vs also· þat whan we doon almes dede or | fasteþ or preyed we schullen doon hit priueliche | & nou3t for to ben holden holy men of þe peple· | for he seiþ whan þou dost almes ne blowe hit not | wiþ a trumpe as ypocrites doon in synagoges & in | stretes· to ben wurschiped of men· soþeliche þei han receyued her mede but whan þou|dost almes· ne wyte not þi lift hond what þi ri3t | hond doþ· þat þin almes be in hydles· & þi fader | þat seeþ in hydles· wil 3elde þe þi mede· And whan | 3e preyen 3e schul not ben as ypocrites dreri þat lo|uen to pray stondyng in sinagoges· & in corneres | of stretes to ben i-seen of men· Soþeliche I sey3e | 3ow þei han receyued here mede· But whan þou [fol 129v] preyest· go in to þi chaumbre & spere þi dore & preye | þi fader in hydles & þi fadre þat seiþ in hydles wil | 3elde þe þi mede· & whan 3e preyen ne spekeþ not | myche as mysbeleued men· doon· for þei wenen þat | þei ben i-herd þoru here myche speche· & þerfore ne be | 3e not i-liche hem· for 3oure fadir wot what 3ow | nedeþ· or þan 3e axen hym any þing· And þus 3e | schullen preye· Oure fadir þat art in heuene· | i-halewed be þi name þi kyngdom come to vs· þi | wyl be hit doon in erþe· as hit is in heuene· 3if vs | to day oure euerydayes bred· & for 3eue vs oure det|tes· as we for 3euen oure dettours· & ne lede vs not | in to temptacioun but delyuere vs from euele· Amen·· | And 3if 3e for3eueþ oþere men here trespaces 3oure fader | heuenliche wil for 3eue 3ow 3oure synnes· & if | 3e for 3eueþ not oþere men 3oure heueneliche fader | wole not for 3eue 3ow 3oure synnes· & whan 3e fas|teþ ne be 3e not as ypocrites drery· for þei defacen | hem seluen to seme fastyng to men· Soþeliche | I seye 3ow þei han receyued here mede· But whan | þat þou fastest anoynte þin hed & wasche þi face þat | þou seme not fastyng to men· But to þi fader in | hydles & þi fadre þat seþ it in hydles wil 3eue þe | þi mede· In þis wyse sire crist techeþ vs to doon | oure werkes in mekenes· for elles we mowen lesen | oure mede· Of porenesse in spiri3t crist spekeþ & | seiþ i-blessed ben pore men in spyri3t· for þe kyng|dom of heuene is heres· & woo to riche men· | for þei han here counfort in þis world· Suche men | ben pore in spiri3t þat wilne not to ben riche but | desiren þat hem nedeþ & no more· And so þilk | þat han litul good· 3if þei desiren to be riche þei | ben not pore in spiri3t· but þei ben coueytous [fol 130r] for defau3t of loue· & coueytise distrieþ loue· ri3t | so porenesse in spiri3t comeþ ou3t of loue· & norische | iþ loue· Also & þer is no trewe cristen man· but 3if | he haue þis porenesse in spiri3t· In a noþer place also | crist techiþ vs to ben pore in spiry3t· & to leuen co|ueytise· for þer com a man to crist & preyde hym | to departen his heritage be twix his broþer & hym | & crist seyde man who made me domes man on | 3ow & þoo he seyde to his disciples· be 3e war of e|ueriche coueytise· for no mannes lyuyng is in þe ha|bundaunce of his goodis þat he haþ· Of þe why|che wordes it wil folewe þat it is coueytise· for | aman to wilne more þan hym nedeþ to his ly|uyng· and herefore crist bad his disciples þat þei | schulde not maken here tresoure in erþe þer as rust | & mowtis mowe destrye hit & þere as þeues mo|wen digge þerto & stelen hit a wey· but he seyde | makeþ 3owre tresoure in heuene þer as is nowþer | rust ne mowte & þer þeues ne mowe not comen | þer to ne stelen it a wey· for þer as þi tresour is· þer | is þin herte And afterward he seyde þer may no | man seruen two lordes· for or he mut haten þe | toon & loue þat oþere· Oþere susteyne þat oon | & dispise þat oþer 3e mowe not serue god & 3oure | richesses & þerfore I sey 3ow· ne be 3e not besy to 3oure | soule what 3e eeten· ne to 3oure body how 3e ben | cloþed· for þe soule is more worþi þan mete & | þe body more worþi þan cloþing· be holdeþ þe brid|des of heuene þat nouþer sowen ne repen ne | gaderen nou3t in to bernes & 3oure heuenly | fader fediþ hem· And ne be 3e not more worþi | þan þei ben· And whyche of 3ow þinking may | throwen a cubyte to his stature And of cloþing [fol 130v] ware to be 3e bisy· be holdeþ þe lilies of þe feld how | þei growen ¬ þei nouþer trauelen ne spynnen· & I | sey 3ow þat salomon in alle his blisse ne was not | i-cloþed as on of þes· And 3if god cloþe so þe he|ygh of þe feld· þat groweþ to day or to morewe | is cast in to þe houene· myche more he wil cloþe | 3ow of litul feiþ· And þerfore be 3e not besy sey|ing what schul we ete· or what schulle we dri|nk or how schullen we ben cloþed· for alle þes þin|ges mysbeleued men enqueren· & þerfore secheþ first | þe kyngdom of heuene & þe ri3tfulnesse þer of & | al þese þinges schul ben i-cast to 3ow· Of þis | men mown i-se þat siþen a cristen man ne sch|ulde not ben bisy in his þou3t a boute his ~mete ne aboute his~ drynk | ne aboute his cloþing & 3it hym nedeþ al þis to | his lyuyng· for no þing he ne schulde not be be|sy to gete myche richesse for þat nedeþ not to a man|nes lyuyng· And siþ god doþ al þat he doþ in me|sure· & is so mesurable in 3euyng· þat he ne 3eueþ | no man more þen hym nedeþ· ~ne fayleth no man in þat þing þat him nedit~ A gret synne it is | to wilne more þan a man nediþ· for it is couey|tise· & he þat holdeþ goddis goodes in his kepyng | to spende hem for is owne lust· þer as it is no ne|de· It is certeyn þat he holdeþ þilk goodis a3eyns | goddis wille & þanne he is a þef þat robbeþ god | of his goodis· & not oonliche god· but oþere pore | men also þat neden siche goodis· for god ne 3eueþ | nou3t to oo man more richesse þan to a noþer | oonliche for hym seluen· but for he schulde | departen it among his nedy breþeren· & but a | man do þus he nis not in charite· for as seynt | Joon seiþ· who þat ha~þ~ substaunce of þe world & seeþ | his broþer haue nede· 3if he close his herte from [fol 131r] his broþere· how dwelliþ þe charite of god wiþ|Inne hym· And þerfore he seiþ ne loue we not in word | ne in tunge but in dede & in treuþe· And a ful hard | word seyþ seynt Jame to riche men of þe world· for he | seiþ wepe 3e riche men· & make 3e sorewe· for þe wrec|hednes þat schal come to 3ow her aftur· 3oure ri|ches is for rotid· & 3owre cloþes ben i-eten wiþ mo|wtes· 3owre gold & 3ower siluer is i-rustid· & 3owr~e~ | rust schal ben in wittenissyng to 3ow· & schal ete | 3oure flesch as fuyr· 3e tresoreþ to 3ow þe wraþe | of god in þe last dayes· wolde god þat þese riche men | wolden take kepe to seynt poules wordes as he | seiþ· we browten no þing in to þis world· & it is | no doute þat we mowen bere no þing hennes & | þerfore haue [we] liflode & helyng be we apayed· for þilk | þat wilneþ to ben i-maad riche þei fallen in to temp|tacioun· & in to þe deuels grene & in to many vn|profytable desires & noyful þat drenchen men in-|to deþ & in to perdicioun· for þe rote of al yuel is co|ueytise· þe whyche sum men han desired & han i-er|red from her feiþ & han i-brou3t hem seluen in-|to myche sor~e~we And he biddeþ riche men of þe | world þat þei hope not in þe victorie of richesses but | in god þat lyueþ· þat 3eueþ vs alle þinges plente|uosliche to vsen hem & to do wil wiþ hem· & to | ben i-made riche in goode werkes in 3euynge li3t|liche & in comunyng here goodes to hem· þat ben | nedy to maken hem tresour & a good fundement | here after þat þei mowen hauen þat lyf þat | wil lasten wiþ outen ende· And herfore sire be 3e | pore in spiri3t· & leueþ couetise ¬ 3if 3e þinken co|me to heuene· for coueytise is a seruice of fals | goddis as seynt poule seiþ· & siche schul not haue [fol 131v] þe kyngdome of heuene as he seiþ in certen· Treu|þe is a noþer uertu· þat comeþ ou3t of loue· & norischeþ | loue also· for who þat loueþ god· he wole loue trew|þe & be trewe boþe in werk & in word· for god hym self | is treuþe & endeles trewe· as he seiþ in þe gospel þe de|uel was mansleere from þe be gynnyng· & ne haþ | not stonden in treuþe· for treuþe is not in hym and | whanne he spekeþ ~lesing he spekyt~ of his owene· for he is alyere & fa|der of lesynges And siþ crist come to bringe vs ou3t | of þe deueles seruice to ben goddis childeren & his | seruauntes also· Nedeliche we moten leue alle ma|nere lesynges for crist seiþ who þat doþ synne· is seruant | of synne· and þanne who þat makeþ lesyng he is | seruaunt of lesyng· & of þe deuel þat is fader of le | synges· But a cristen man þat is goddis child & | loueþ hym a bouen alle oþere þinges nil do no þinges þat may de-|parten hym from his fader of heuene· & þanne | mout he leuen alle manere lesynges & alle ma|nere falsenesses And for crist wolde þat his ser|uauntes weren perfy3t boþe in loue & in treuþe· | ri3t as he made an ende of alle maner vntreuþe | ri3t so in his cummyng· he made an ende of oþes | þat neuere weren i-ordeyned· but for defaute of | treuþe· for among trewe men nedeþ noon oþes | & herfore crist seiþ· It was seyd sumtyme· þou sch|alt not for swere þe but þou schalt 3elde to god | þin oþes· but I sey 3ow þat 3e sweren for no þing | not bi heuene· for hit is goddis trone· ne be | erþe for hit is þe stool of his feet· ne bi Ierusa|lem· for hit is a greet kynges citee· Ne swere | þou not be þin heued for þou mi3t [nou3t] make oon whit | here ne blak· but [3]oure word be 3e·3e·nay·nay· & | þat þat is more þan þis is of yuul And seynt [fol 132r] Iame seiþ· bi foren alle þinges my dere breþeren | ne swere 3e not bi heuene ne by erþe ne be non |ere oþe· but be 3oure word· 3e 3e· nay nay· þat | 3e fallen not vndur doom· Chastite is þe sixte | vertu þat comeþ ou3t of loue· & noryscheþ loue· | Also for he þat loueþ god nyl not take no | lust þat is displesyng to god· ne þat his har|meful to his broþer ne to his sister And crist ~seyth ... ~ | seyde summe tyme þou schalt doon no lecherie | but I seye 3ow who þat seþ a womman· for to couey|ten hire· he haþ doon lecherye in his herte· wiþ þat | womman And þerfore 3if þi ri3t eye sclaundre þe | pul hym ou3t· & þrow hym a wey from þe for | hit is spedeful to þe þat on of þi membris per|ysche· þan al þi body go in to þe fuyr of helle & | 3if þi ri3t hond sclaundre þe kytte hym of & þro|we hym a wey fro þe· for it is spedful to þe þat | oon of þin membris perische þan al þi body go | in to þe fuyr of helle· Crist seiþ also it was sey|de summe tyme· who þat leueþ his wif· 3eue he hi|re a libel of hire puttyng a wey· but I seye 3ow | he þat leueþ his wyf· but it be for cause of for|nicacioun he makeþ hire do lecherie· & he þat wed|deþ a womman þat is left of hire housbonde bre|keþ spousehed· And in a tyme þe pharisees axe|den crist wheþer it where lefful to leuen to a man | his wif for any enchesoun· & he seyde ne haue 3e | not rad þat he þat ... þat made man from þe be|gynnyng made & womman & seyde· herfore aman | schal leuen fadir & modir and drawen hym to | his wyf· And þei schulde be two in oon flesch· | But now þei ben not two but oon fleysch· & | þerefore þat god haþ ioyned no man departe· [fol 132v] And þoo þei seyden what is þis þanne· þat moyses | bad þat þere schulde be 3euen a libel of puttyng awey | And so aman schulde leuen his wyf· And crist sey|de· for moyses sufferid þow haue 3owre wyfes after | þe hardenesse of 3owre hertes· But from þe by|gynnyng hit was not so And I sey 3ow who | þat weddeþ leueþ his wyf· but hit be for forni|cacioun & weddeþ a noþer he doþ fornicacioun· And | who þat weddiþ a womman þat is lefte of hire | housbonde· doþ fornicacioun lecherie & þoo seyden | his disciples· 3if it be so be twene aman & his | wyf· It is not spedeful to be wedded· And crist | seyde alle men ne take not þis word· but þilk | þat it is graunted to· for þer ben men i-geldid | þat ben i-born of her moder wombe· And þer ben | summe þat ben i-geldid of men· & þer ben summe | men þat gelden hem seluen· for þe kyngdome of | heuene· Who þat may take þis take he in þis | wyse· Sire in þes two comaundementes of loue | is al goodnesse fulfild· & al euel eschewed· & | so þe lyuynge of oure soule & þe ri3t weye to | heuene is to be leuyn stedefastliche in crist & to | kepe þes two comaundementes of loue...

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