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Name and purpose

No one will mind if you refer to the William N. Atkinson Learning Resources Center as "The LRC" or just "The Library." Whatever you call it, the chief purpose of the LRC is to support teaching and learning at Jackson Community College with books, magazines, videos, and other materials; with the information-providing skills of professional librarians; and with means of access to other libraries and repositories of information worldwide.


The LRC is located on the first floor of Walker Hall at the main campus of Jackson Community College. The entrance is at the northeast corner of the building. A map of the campus is available by mail or fax; or view the on-line map available here.

Who May Use the LRC?

The Atkinson LRC is open to everyone. Materials may be checked out by anyone who is a resident of Michigan, who provides identification, and who procures a library card from the LRC Circulation Desk or from any other library in the Rosebud network. You do not have to be a student, at JCC or anywhere else, to use the LRC, check materials out of the LRC, or make use of any of the LRC's services.

What is the Rosebud Network?

The LRC shares an on-line catalog and circulation system called "Rosebud" with the Jackson District Library. Possession of a Rosebud card allows you to check items out of any of the branches of the JDL as well as out of the LRC. Items located at the JDL branches may be checked out there, or, on request, will be delivered to the LRC to be picked up there.

Hours of Operation

Fall and Winter Terms:

      Monday-Thursday........7:30 am to 9:00 pm
      Friday.................7:30 am t0 4:00 pm
      Sunday.................1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

      Monday March 10 through Friday March 14
Hours of operation are subject to change during vacations, holidays, and Spring and Summer Terms. Hours are posted in the LRC and on this page each term.




2111 Emmons Road
Jackson, Michigan

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