The Federal Tool Kit

...collects in one handy box the tools provided by the U.S. Government that are of most use to citizens wishing to bend and shape their government, and to affect the way that their government turns out. Whether you are looking only to find the best candidate to vote for, or to help form the laws, attach, remove, or modify regulations, or to ensure that regulatory and legal blueprints are followed, you will find some tools here to fit the job. Keep in mind that not all are easy to use, most require some practice to use well, and not all tasks can be accomplished with the government-supplied tools available.

Tools and Techniques

The Tool Kit is organized in drawers, according to the most common situations encountered by the do-it-yourselfer: candidate selection and voting, laws and the legislative process, and the creation and enforcement of rules, policies, and regulations. Just click on the appropriate drawer.

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General purpose tools
Sometimes the best tools--and often the handiest--these multipurpose pocket tools can do a little bit of everything.
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Candidates and other raw materials
Nothing has a greater long-term effect on the results of any project than choosing the right materials to begin with. A guide to the evaluation of candidates for office.
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Working with Legislation
The equipment necessary to obtain details on the bills, amendments, and resolutions that are pending in Congress; and to learn whom to contact and how with your support or opposition.
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Working with Regulations
The equipment necessary to obtain details on the regulations proposed by the various regulatory agencies of the Federal Government, and to learn whom to contact if you wish to comment on a regulation--or propose your own.
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Is it straight and square? Influencing enforcement
The equipment necessary to draw errors or omissions of legal and regulatory enforcement to the attention of those responsible for it.
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Are the tools dull? Lodging a complaint
If government actions and inactions themselves are to blame, you may want to have a look in this drawer for the appropriate means by which to lodge a complaint

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