Modifying the TEI Header

The codebook header can be accommodated within the existing structure of the TEI header. In fact, it can be accommodated entirely within the <fileDesc> element, so long as the a few changes are made. Additional changes are of course necessary if it is thought necessary to limit the TEI options to those available under the codebook analysis.

Title StatementtitleAccept TEI method of calling titles of all sorts all "title," rather than the CB method of creating a separate element for each. The various titles (subtitle, parallel title, etc.) that form the content model for CB "title statement" become repeatable TEI "title" tags.
TitletitleAccept TEI repeatability. Accept TEI type attribute.
Subtitletitle type=subAccept TEI use of attribute value to denote subtitles.
Common titletitle type=commonAccept TEI use of attribute value to denote common titles.
Parallel titletitle type=parAccept TEI use of attribute value to denote parallel titles.
Common abbreviationNoneEither (1) treat as a note, and leave TEI unchanged; or (2) treat as an alternative title (title type=abbr) and leave TEI unchanged; or (3) add existing <abbr> element to content model for <titleStmt>; or (4) add abbr as attribute to title element.
Study number<idno> in <publicationStmt>Accept TEI method.
Responsibility Statementseveral tags in titleStmtAccept TEI inclusion of responsibility statement within titleStmt (as per AACR2).
Principal Investigator<principal>?Make required, per CB
PI Affiliation??<sponsor>Use TEI element or create a new one, but in either case make it required.
Funding Agency<funder>Use TEI element.
Grant numberNone.Add Grant Number as additional element within titleStmt; or (2) add grant number as an attribute to ?<funder> element; or (3) treat as a note.
Other Identifications<respStmt>Use TEI generic reponsibilities statements capability.
Production Statement<publicationStmt>Leave be; accept TEI method of making it repeatable.
Producer<publisher>TEI OK
Date of Production<date>TEI OK
Place of Production<pubPlace> or <address>Leave be.
Computer Production SoftwareNoneAdd an element.
Distributor StatementIncluded within TEI Publication Statement.Accept TEI rules.
Distributor<distributor>Leave be.
Contact PersonNo equivalentJust use <address> tags.
DepositorNo equivalentAdd depositor element.
Date of DepositNo equivalentAdd another depositor element.
Date of DistributionNo specific equivalentUse TEI <date> element.
Series Statement<seriesStmt>?Keep TEI non-repeatability.
Series Statement contents: Series Name and Series Information.EITHER p+ OR selection from <title>, <idno>, <respStmt> TEI scheme workable, especially if <title> is used within <p> to mark off the title(s) of the series; alternatively, move TEI scheme closer to CB by adding an optional <serInfo> element to <serStmt>.
Version Statment (?)<editionStmt> (?) No changes necessary.
Version (?)<edition> (?) No changes necessary.
Version Resp Statement (?) <respStmt> Contents do not exactly match. CB allows PCDATA or all of the responsibility options above (including principal and funder), TEI allows only <resp><name>, which occupies the middle ground and is closer to AACR2. TEI probably acceptable as is, but could be modified to allow straight text (<p>+) or to include the specific responsibility tags (<principal> etc).
Bibliographic Citation<SourceDesc>Not clear what CB element is meant to mean, but contents presumably the same as TEI's bibliographic SourceDesc tag. Do we need to change TEI's req'd to optional?
No notes allowed.<notesStmt>Leave TEI option in place.
None.Many other elements, all optional.?Leave additional TEI options in place?, namely and chiefly: encodingDesc, profileDesc, and revisionDesc.

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Revised 10 June 1996