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Tips, Tasks, & Tools: The Eight-fold Path to Right Searching
-- by P. F. Anderson, pfa@umich.edu

Course developed for Enriching Scholarship 2005, May 9-10

Some Search Tasks & Different Ways to Do Them

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Print (Books, Journals, Articles)

Searching for Print in Google

Google currently offers a variety of options for searching in the text of print resources. You may want to compare these results to some of the other options available, such as Google: Book Search or Google: Scholar. Be sure to look at how the search terms display in the search box, and also how the URLs look. You can use any of these as models for your own searches.

Searching for Print in A9

The A9 search engine, from Amazon and friends, offers what librarians call "federated searching" or "metasearching" in web parlance. They have made this configurable by the user with login, with a variety of options ("columns"). Some of the custom options include searching holdings for libraries, and a variety of special databases.

  • For "cone beam CT", A9 found
    • Web: n=5,270
    • Books n=21,773
    • PubMed: n=108,338
  • For "Robert Frost", A9 found
    • Web: n=673,000
    • Books n=60,748
    • MAGIC (MSU's Libraries): n=219
    • MELVYL (California Digital Library): n=416
    • RedLightGreen (RLG): n=360
Searching for Print: Other Strategies

Search your topic normally, but limiting to a site that supplies electronic versions of the type of print resource you want. Here are just a very few examples.

Search collections of recommended academic sources (search directly in site).


International Searching & Other Languages

  1. Translate the page you see:
  2. Language tools
  3. Search Interface in non-English languages
  4. Search in engines from other countries
  5. Search in multiple languages:
  6. Google in other languages and countries:
  7. Yahoo in other countries:
  8. Need to know a country code?:
  9. A9's International Options
    • Japan: Hatena, blogdb.jp, etc.
    • Italy: TUAIMMOBILIARE, JobCrawler.it, etc.
    • Hispanic: LatPro, Pesquisa SAPO, etc.
    • German: many technical blogs and other
    • China: book search etc.
    • Keep checking for more ...
  10. Issues with the international Internet environment

News, Current Events; & Blogs

News Search Services
Newswires & Other Major News Sources
Blogs, Blog Search, and RSS Feeds
Extra, Extra


Video, Audio, Podcasts & Other Multimedia Search Tools

Geek Stuff & Code





Trusted sites
Health Topic Search Strategies

Corporate, Financial, Stocks & Jobs

Statistics, Demographics & Data

Local Information

Past Tense

The Web of Yore ...
The Blog of Yore...

CAVEAT: Please note that these web pages are intended to be used only as part of the instructional process, or as a resource for persons who have already taken the class.

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