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Relocation Model

I saved two sample relocation workups (Ann Arbor, Michigan & Charlottesville, Virginia) -- research I did and links I saved for two different location as part of making a decision about where to live. It ended up that the job duties made most of the decision, because the two locations were comparable. These may give you ideas for the sorts of information you should be able to find about a place via the Web. I just found the copy of my file that includes the Ann Arbor workup, however, it is pretty raw. On this page, you will find more worked out the general relocation tools and the Virginia workup.

Relocation Tools

Sample Relocation Workup

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Relocation On Line. Relocation, Real Estate, Moving, Mortgage, Relocation, Housing, Movers, Homefinding, Military, Armed Forces, Army, Navy, AirForce, and Marines assistance.
The International Salary Calculator: relocation, cost of living, real estate
Employment Information on the Internet
Y-Life : May '97: Top 100 Colleges

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NCES Table of Contents
National Center for Education Statistics
NSRS-The School Report!

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Mortgage Shareware for your Mac/PC
Form for Mortgage payment query
Form for Mortgage payment query
HOMEOWNERS FINANCE CENTER - Search The Site - Mortgage broker, loan, interest, home, house, purchase, refinance, ARM, rate, principal, real estate, money, California

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HOMEOWNERS FINANCE CENTER - Search The Site - Mortgage broker, loan, interest, home, house, purchase, refinance, ARM, rate, principal, real estate, money, California
America's HomeNet / CenterNet - Residential & Commercial Real Estate
HomeScout Real Estate Search
Homes & Land Electronic Magazine Real Estate Center
Welcome to Homeseekers, Real Estate Homes for Sale Database.
WorldWide Real Estate Network (WREN)
REALTOR CONNECTION - HomeOwners Finance - Search The Site - Mortgage broker, loan, interest, home, house, purchase, refinance, ARM, rate , principal, real estate, money, California
Realtor.com Relocation Centre

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Center for Biomedical Ethics Homepage
Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources
Public Libraries, Communities, and Technology: Twelve Case Studies
Monticello Avenue: Charlottesville/Albemarle, Va's Community Network
Health Sciences Library Home page
Inside Information newsletter, a Health Sciences Center publication
Document Delivery Services: Who We Are
Circulation Services: Who We Are
Library Planning

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VIVA, The Virtual Library of Virginia

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City, County, and State
Gateway Virginia
University of Virginia
Welcome to VISIT Virginia
Welcome to Virginia

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CFW Communications
Art Comics
Guardian Angel Books
Hapax: French Resources on the Web
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion

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Artisan's Corner
McIntire Department of Art
IATH home page
Visitor's Guide
Art in My World Community Workshop
Art Pavilion Main Menu
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture: Architectural History 102
Art and Art History Resources

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Monticello Avenue: Charlottesville/Albemarle, Va's Community Network
Welcome to the Charlottesville Guide
Charlottesville-Albemarle Chamber of Commerce
Charlottesville City Government
Monticello Avenue: Community Services
Charlottesville Yellow Pages
Tour Our Area
Charlottesville On-Line

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Welcome to the County of Albemarle Home Page
Western Albemarle High School : Home of the Warriors

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Monticello Avenue: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

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The Getty Information Institute
Art Pavilion: Statewide Art Museums and Art Galleries
The Virginia Discovery Museum

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Comet.Net's Charlottesville Community Calendar
Welcome to The Daily Progress On-line
The Daily Progress On-line links
Virginia Newspapers, Inc. Online
C-Ville Weekly
Observer Home Page

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The Weather Channel - Charlottesville, VA
WINA News/Talk 1070 AM Charlottesville VA.
Welcome to nbc29.com

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Real Estate
Charlottesville Apartments
Monticello Avenue:Neighborhoods
Virginia Association of REALTORS®
Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate Weekly
Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate Resource
Virginia Realty Ltd
Homefinders, Your Real Estate Agents for Maryland and Northern Virginia
RE/MAX Advantage Plus

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Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas Church
Blue Ridge Zen Group Home Page
Catholic Students Association at UVa

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PEN Technology Handbook -- Contents
Johnson Elementary School
Foundations Child Development Center
University Montessori School
University Montessori School
Chancellor Street Preschool Co-Operative
Virginia Department of Education
Web66: International School Web Registry
Central Virginia Education Homepage

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Amtrak Schedules
RideShare - Charlottesville, VA and Beyond

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Irish Cultural Society of Charlottesville
The Mudhouse Cyber Café
HealthLink Home Health
Furniture Society
Association Of Virginia Artisans
Monticello Avenue: Web Development Tools
Virginia List of Sites
Greenberry's Coffee &Tea Company

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