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Pro: Courses    MEMORABLE, a MEDLINE Search Strategy Development Tool

Patricia F. Anderson, pfa@umich.edu

This tool was developed in support of an NIH R25 Grant project within the University of Michigan School of Dentistry as an instructional resource. For indepth assistance with your MEDLINE search, contact your librarian.

Text version | Vertical Graphic | Color Graphic | Black & White Graphic | PDF (60K)

  • M - MeSH Terms
  • E - Enhance (With Floating or Expanded Subheadings)
  • M - Mumbo-Jumbo (Jargon and Freetext Terms)
  • O - OR (Combine This Group)
  • R - Repeat (With Next Concept Group)
  • A - AND (Combine All Groups)
  • B - Best Filter (EDTP)
  • L - Limits
  • E - Evaluate

MEMORABLE Tool, Vertical
This image shows the MEMORABLE acronym with arrows from the letter M and the letter R to illustrate that those steps repeat as often as necessary for the number of concepts to be included. The letters B and E are in brackets showing optional steps.


MEMORABLE Tool, Black & White

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