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Students are encouraged to schedule individual tutoring sessions as necessary. Help sessions are offered periodically over the lunch hour in the Dentistry Library, and may be scheduled individually with Patricia via e-mail at either dentistry.library@umich.edu or pfa@umich.edu.

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There are in all three branches of the study of medicine, in this order. The first is the study of the result by analysis; the second is the combining of the facts found by analysis; the third is the determining of the definition, which branch we are now to consider in this work. This branch of the science may be called not only the determining of the definition, but just as well the explication, as some would term it, or the resolution, as some desire, or the explanation, or according to still others, the exposition. -- Galen, On Medicine. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook. URL: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/ancient/greeksci.html
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