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"Goodness. -- N. goodness &c. adj.; excellence, merit; virtue &c. 944; value, worth, price. super-excellence, supereminence; superiority &c. 33; perfection &c. 650; coup de maitre[Fr]; masterpiece, chef d'ouvre[Fr], prime, flower, cream, elite, pick, A1, nonesuch, nonpareil, creme de la creme, flower of the flock, cock of the roost, salt of the earth; champion; prodigy. tidbit; gem, gem of the first water; bijou, precious stone, jewel, pearl, diamond, ruby, brilliant, treasure; good thing; rara avis[Lat], one in a thousand." -- Roget, Peter Mark. "Goodness." Roget's Thesaurus. URL: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/22
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