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Answers to these questions and much more will be provided in this class, with a focus on matching the tool to the task.

CAVEAT: Please note that these web pages are intended to be used only as part of the instructional process, or as a resource for persons who have already taken the class. Class handouts available here: Bookmark [PDF 360KB] | Session 1 Handout [PDF 73KB] | Session 2 Handout [PDF 79 KB] | Slides 1 | Slides 2 | Extra handouts: Chain of Trust & FRIAR

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"Precision working - Using the body and/or tools or work aids to work, move, guide and place objects or materials in order to attain specified standards. Selection of appropriate tools, objects or materials and the adjustment of the tool to the task require considerable judgement." -- Human Resources Development Canada. "Glossary: Data/Information, People, Things." National Occupational Classification (NOC 1992). URL: http://www23.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/92/e/Gloss/dpt.shtml
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