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This little froggy

This little froggy took a big leap,
This little froggy took a small,
This little froggy leaped sideways,
And this little froggy not at all,
And this little froggy went,

hippity, hippity, hippity hop, all the way home.

&Copy Copyright 1995, P. F. Anderson. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a more politically correct version, which I made up for my children, of "This little piggy." We actually have more fun with this than with the original. "Big leap" is the big toe, of course, and we make it jump up high enough for the child to almost lose their balance. The rest of the frogs floow the toes right on down the line, suiting the size and direction of the leap to that described in the rhyme. For the last little frog, the parent's fingers leave the toe and hop up the belly and ribs, to come "home" under the child's chin, tickling all the way.

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