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Not Politically Correct?

These rhymes are sexist, racist, political, promoting violence in the family or towards women or towards children or towards animals, etcetera. Or perhaps the rhyme is simply rude, crude and socially unacceptable by current standards. This does not mean that they are without redeeming value, or that parents cannot use them as teaching tools with their children, or that they aren't a good read, amusing, entertaining, instructive or otherwise worth preserving. Those issues are up to your personal discretion as parents.

Some of these I selected to include in this section, however many are listed here at the request of other parents or other persons. Nother requires that you accept their judgement. I accept suggestions for additions, within reason. I do not accept requests to remove something from this list once it has been added. I also do not act on requests to remove something from the site entirely.

For those who always ask "Why? Why is this particular rhyme listed here?", if you don't know, then obviously you are not one of the people who is bothered by whatever it represents. For those who ask this specifically about "This little piggy", the answer is that it tells the story of taking the pigs to the slaughterhouse.

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