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About The Arabic Parts Pages

For an explanation of why these pages, please refer to the section on sociological and historical significance.

Many of the formulas are duplicated under different subjects. Some of the subjects have multiple formulas. Some of the formulas with multiple subjects will be listed in multiple places under each individual term; others are listed with all the terms at one location. Eventually, I hope to correct this be adding an index by formula, and breaking out all the individual terms in this alphabetical list.

This list includes both modern and ancient parts. Please test both and see which you prefer for your delineations. I give credits for my sources, and they give credits for theirs. I hope later to index these a variety of ways -- by relevant house, by planets/points used in the formula, by formula, modern vs. ancient, who knows what else -- but I felt that this alphabetical list would be most helpful in just getting started.

Compiling a large list of this sort can be very confusing in simply handling the large quantity of details. If I have made any typos or errors of transcription, please let me know so I may correct them.

Last, but not least, this list is in no way intended to be a recommended list, but rather a comprehensive reference list. (NOTE: This first version of the list does not include Granite's lists of parts for Equinox, Solstice, New or Full Moon charts, or those which are exclusively for crop prognostication or horary charts. If you urgently would like these added to the list, please let me know. If you want to know if these parts for natal and/or horary charts actually work for what they are intended to do, test them out yourself. If you know of any which are not on this list, please send me the formula and the source or citation (Send messages to: If the source is not accessible to me, I may ask you to send me a snailmail photocopy of the article in which it appeared prior to adding the formula to the list.

About | Sociology/History | Reading The Formulas | Calculations | Interpretation | Sources | List of Lots

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