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The MLA Educational Media & Technologies Section: A Twenty-Five Year History

Onward Bound

And now, EMTS is in its twenty-fifth year. In this year of MLA's Centennial celebration, we're still the "pups" of the litter, but during our short span we have contributed a great deal to the profession and to MLA. Audiovisual and computer-based learning is no longer considered to be "ephemeral" or "of dubious value." As technology grows into the next century, surely EMTS members will continue to be an integral component of its development. It's kind of nice to think that perhaps we were just a little ahead of our time in 1973. We couldn't help being a little misunderstood. In the next century, however, when digitally-based information is the norm, home computers are as common as phones, and the virtual library is an old concept, there will be new technology to take it's place. There will be skeptics. We cannot afford to be among them; EMTS must continue to look forward. The future of educational technology is the future of EMTS.

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